Stuck on Stupid; Part…Oh never mind…

We’re in the midst of a fuel price spike.  We’re watching Egypt repeat Iran circa 1978.  A tiny minority called Union Workers are holding the tax payers hostage in Minnesota and elsewhere.  Real unemployment is near 20% and real inflation is climbing.  So they simply ignore certain areas of the economy in order to pretend it’s not.  Gold and Silver remain strong while the economic pundits insist their time has passed.  A president says he opposes homosexual “marriage” and then refuses to allow his cronies to defend the law that enforces his supposed position.  And where is the media in all this?  Silent, or Spinning it to serve the current regime and those minority special interests.  Meanwhile the left tells conservative elected officials “You’re dead!” and the talking heads continue to bleat about the language of hate from…the right…

We live in a nation and a world turned on its head in the interests of political correctness, a misrepresentation of tolerance and a leftist agenda determined to make the US less than a world power.  It can all be summed up in the concept of equality of outcome, rather than equality of opportunity.  It can all be defined as blatant stupidity.  But one example excels above all others…

If you listen to those who assume a right to tell you how to think you would believe at this point that Islam is a religion of peace.  You would believe that their definition of peace is the same as ours.  That Islam is nothing more than the Muslim religion and therefore not merely worthy of protection under the 1st Amendment, but demanding of it.  We have no choice but to allow this thing into our nation and our communities because, according to some, it’s all about religious “tolerance” and, while Christianity must be at the very least ignored at every turn, we must welcome this foreign invader.  It’s just a religion, and we have freedom of that, here, we must all remember.

Anyway, most Muslims are not extremists and Islam is by definition about peace.  If you don’t accept that you are now tearing down the Constitution.

I have had my fill of this crap.  I have had my fill of the stupidity that either buys into the above imbecility or thinks the rest of us will.  Time for a dose of reality, and I’m going to keep dosing people on this until they get it or some group of peaceful Muslims flies a Cessna into my house.

Islam and the Muslim faith cannot be separated.  The Pedophile Prophet’s amalgam of Christianity, Moon God worship and self-serving power trip is merely the officially religious component of the system of people control called Islam.  Islam is a more even than a system of government.  It is a complete system of life.  Every aspect of the subject’s day is defined by laws, secular or religious or mashed up in a way they can’t be told apart, under the system of Islam.  Islam the “governmental system” is powered by Shari’ah Law.  Religious law.  The basic rules of life for every Muslim…who is also a part of Islam…which governs everything when in ascendancy.  Sharia’ah Law, and by extension Islam, does not tolerate freedom of religion or freedom of expression.

Shari’ah Law, ISLAM, is not compatible with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Muslims, ALL Muslims who subscribe to their faith and the Qur’an, not only view our idea of freedom as one o our weaknesses to be held in contempt, they fail to even understand much of what we consider to be “rights”.  There can be no such thing as a right if it opposes the Word of The Prophet.  There can be no freedom outside the rule of Islam.  And there we come to another key difference in understanding:  Where Islam rules there is peace.

Where Islam does not rule there is and can be no peace.

Islam and its Muslim religious component are not “a religion of peace” in the way we think of it.  They are not peacefully trying to coexist with or convert the unbeliever.  Islam is peace because where it is, is peace.  Islam IS peace.  It’s peaceful because it BRINGS peace.   No matter what it has to do to take control.  No matter how many infidels have to die and no matter how the war has to be fought, where Islam intersects with the rest of the world is Jihad.  Where the rest of the world exists is war.  Where Islam conquers there is peace <em>after the fact</em>.  Until then there can be no peace because the Qur’an and it’s Prophet demand the Infidel, that is you, me and everyone else who is not a Muslim or a Dhimmi, be converted or killed.  However the faithful succeed in killing the Infidel, by definition, is honorable…and brings peace.

Do you begin to get it now?  When they tell you Islam is the religion of peace do you begin to get what they mean by both religion and peace?  Do you begin to see why Islam not only does not deserve protection under our 1st Amendment, but would not even tolerate our Constitution?  If you don’t yet you’re going to because I am going to preach on this a lot in the following months.  I’m going to give you quotes and sources.  But today let’s start with an interview…

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Know your enemy.  Stop listening to the excuse makers and learn what is going on and who the foe is.  Because you and I have to be ready to fight both the coming wave of Islam AND our own “leadership” as they try to make excuses to serve their own cowardice or, worse, darker and more bizarre reasons.

Originally posted at www.libertydwells.com