Drawing Mohammed

Drawing Mohammed

Recently Anwar al-Awlaki put a price on the head of cartoonist Molly Norris.  Her crime?  To suggest that people expose The Prophet through artistic means.  Her catalyst was the censoring of South Park and their portrayal of  Mohammed in a bear suit.  That’s a not so subtle nod to Pedo Bear for those who’ve never encountered 2channel.

Now it’s not really that important who Norris is, especially since she backed down and recanted her cause.  At that point, as someone noted so well, she became just another coward with a fatwah on her head, instead of the person of honor with a fatwah on her head she could have been.  No, even al-Awlaki isn’t individually that important here.   What he is and how he and his “religion” crush opposition and dissent through intimidation is.  That the mere statement they might do something bad is enough to make people from Norris to Comedy Central to movie makers like Roland Emmerich avoid even implying something negative or destructive about Islam or it’s holy places, that’s what is important.

And that can always only lead us one place:  Mohammed.  The Great Pedophile himself.  We see sharks circling the Catholic church over systemic pedophilia and yet fear keeps people silent, too cowed to publicly, loudly, repeatedly call attention to a religion founded on the acts of a pedophile.  A violent religion that survives not by prayer and faith but by violence, intimidation, perversion and murder.  And it will continue to survive, and continue to do these things, as long as we continue to back down every time a coward like al-Awlaki vomits up his impotence based threats of violence.

I admit I paid little attention to this particular event at first for the simplistic reason I don’t have the talent to participate in Draw Mohammed Day.  I  can draw very well.  Houses, cars, machinery, in inks with little depth or shading.  Very technical and rather cold is my version of “art”.  Scenery, people, caricatures, no.  I just don’t have the ability, or if I do I never developed it.  But I suddenly realized something I already knew that applies here:  One can draw an image very well with words.  One can make a person far more “visible” in text than any picture or caricature ever can.

So, let’s draw Mohammed and with him, his followers.

Pedophile is a serious charge and one not to be thrown around lightly.   As such it’s necessary to consider whether Western views color this issue.  It’s actually a short consideration.   One can make an argument that Pedophilia is determined by the culture surrounding the act.   I believe most adults would agree that this argument might hold water when the subject is a teen.   Most societies including here in the US had no trouble with people marrying in their early teens.  Even “May(more like March)/December” romances were accepted.   It was common and necessarily so, and the maturity level needed can be present in the teen years.  Especially when lifespans were much shorter than today.

But Mohammed’s victim was six years old when they were betrothed, and a mere 9 when he consummated that marriage.  Any culture that can excuse such an act as anything other than a perversion is a culture with fundamental flaws to their core.  Any culture that can not merely excuse it but color it righteous and spread the self-serving propaganda of the predator at issue, like a plague on the earth, teeters on the edge of an abyss it deserves to be pushed in to.

Another argument is that The Pedo did not actually have sex with the child at that age.  Muslim apologists take a gaggle of out-of-context dates to try and assemble an unsupportable timeline insisting Aisha was 15 at consummation.   No evidence or citations for these claims are ever offered.  More important, though, are the words of Aisha herself, as well as others in the Muslim tradition.  The final answer of the Muslim “faith” is to simply ignore the issue in hope not that it will go away but that they can kill or intimidate everyone into being silent about it.

Upon the head of this “man” whose ego was so weak and desire so perverse he demanded sexual congress with a 9 year old child as his divine right rests the “Religion of Peace”.  Think on that the next time someone talks to you about “moderate” Muslims.  It’s not just about violence, you know.  There’s far more they have to ignore and that makes those mythical moderates way harder to credit.

From this child molesting old man comes the “Peacenik Religion”.  A religion that has not merely been perverted by a few violent, greedy men in the way Christianity has been  as the apologists claim.  No, it’s a religion that is based on the violent conversion of others.  Convert or die IS Islam, not a twisting thereof.  Mohammed was a raider, a fighter and a general pot-stirring attention seeker.  He repackaged an ancient Egyptian pagan worship with bits of Christianity and self-glorification and then beat people stupid until they followed.

Imagine L Ron Hubbard well armed.

Something people should realize here is that “Islam” does not mean “peace”.  It means submission to God and, more importantly, by everyone else to Islamic authority.  Mohammed knew this and so do most of his followers.  All the ones that matter, anyway.  Whether the subject is other faiths, peoples or just property like, say, women, submission was the key to Mohammed.

What they do not grasp is separation of Church and State.  Regardless of how you feel about the political doctrine the fact is we all see religion and government as being different in the civilized world.  This is a Western conceit.   It wasn’t something Mohammed ever thought of  and even if he had it wouldn’t have fit his grasping for power.  For Mohammed the creation of Islam was mostly about the ideal of power, and not the power of God at that.

Initially it was power for him.  Submission to him.  A typical politician, or bully(perhaps in most cases an oxymoron).   Beyond his life, as far as he was able to look at anything beyond his own immediate and usually violently perverse needs, it was about gaining power for his followers and giving eternal life to his name.  This agenda defined what we today call Arab culture.  That culture is the very definition of Theocracy and for them there can be no other power and thus in the end no other belief.   To Islam they are civilization, so when we consider conversion we need to grasp that it’s not just religion they are talking about, but politics and society as well.

Islamic Theocracy.  It is the personality of Mohammed writ large.  And in full compliment of his ego and goals it seeks to write itself larger.   Even now the world domination desired by Islam would be very much like Mohammed’s power over that 9 year old girl he raped so many centuries ago.  Perverse, demeaning, destructive.  It’s a world of women wrapped in burkas, ideas and opinions crushed and Draconian penalties for unproven “crimes”.  A world, in short, where the smallest of men collect and maintain the greatest political power by the most primitive methods of religious thuggery.

So what is the picture drawn?  I’d think it should be obvious and I hope those reading will look at Islam from a new perspective.  Mohammed was a violent, sick man who through brutality and intimidation gathered a following that, through brutality and intimidation, expanded a cult of personality to include an area and population broad enough to survive his death.  During his life he used this power to gratify his base needs just like any other corrupt politician.

After his death his followers used the same tactics to gratify theirs.  Control of women.  The gaining of wealth.  The control of  others for no reason other than the perverse pleasure of control.  Traits common to all tyrants and perverts, especially those who molest children and abuse women.  This is what Islam is really all about.  Not God and certainly not peace, but the religion of a political agenda in order to convey power and glory on its leaders.  Those leaders being the most violent and dogmatic of the lot.

Today this same violent agenda continues to drive a burgeoning population fanned on by the rhetoric and supported by the intimidation of people like al-Alwaki, determined to reverse their misfortunes of the last few centuries and get what they see as theirs.  It’s theirs because they are civilization and, somewhere in the backs of their fuzzy little brains, that is the will of the God they don’t even understand.

To intimidate you, silence those who speak out, murder women and children, this is their right as long as it furthers their power.  So they believe and so their Pervert, erm, Prophet, told them.  They will continue to succeed not only as long as we make excuses for them but especially as long as we back down in fear.  It will end when we finally do speak up with the truth of what Mohammed really looks like and refuse to be bullied into submission by men who, like Mohammed, have no balls and less brains.

Originally posted at www.tyrannyslain.com