A Plea to Anyone at GOP.com

In my 14+ years of using the internet, I’ve never come across such a problem. I can’t be the only one affected by this. It’s like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

I cannot log in to gop.com. I’ve been trying for WEEKS. From different computers even, at home and at work. I enter my email address and password, click “Go” and nothing happens. And I mean NOTHING. The page just sits there like I had first loaded it.

I’m using IE6 (I refuse to ‘upgrade’ to 7) and Win XP Pro SP2. But even that shouldn’t matter. Someone still using Windows 95 should be able to at least log in.

At first, I thought that perhaps it didn’t like my password so I went through the routine to reset it but never I got the email the site told me to watch for.

I sent an email to the link at the bottom of the page, [email protected], describing my problem. This was TWO WEEKS AGO!

I don’t know where else to turn besides calling my Congressman. Help!