Freedom vs. Equality in America

This is my last essay in American History class. I am so glad this class is over. Although I learned a few things that will no doubt make me mor e dangerous, I absolutely hated it thanks to the overwhelming distortions and even lies perpetrated by the liberal establishment in higher education. To make a long story short, I practically screamed at my textbook and videos at times…..

So anyway, I thought this essay was such a masterpiece that it must be published online. I’ve been “slacking it” in maintaining my own website since I stumbled upon Redstate a couple years ago so it will go here first. Enjoy!

Freedom for Americans has been perhaps the greatest force that has allowed our country to grow to become the most prosperous, most powerful nation on Earth. Our very founding was based on the yearning for freedom from a self-serving tyrannical regime.

Of course complete, unrestricted freedom is anarchy. Our founders were wise enough to recognize that pure democracy would foster mob-rule tyranny. Therefore, the founders created for us a Constitution that has guided the decision making process of government ever since. Countless acts of Congress and presidents have been put to the test to ensure that the freedoms of some do not unfairly restrict the freedoms of others. The definition of what is “fair” is often at the root of most political controversy.

Fortunately, our nation has survived these challenges and continues to serve as a positive example to the rest of the world. After all, most civilized nations have adopted forms of government based on the similar principles of freedom & democracy. As an interesting side effect, democratic countries do not wage war against each other.

The very spirit of our democratic, republican, constitutional government has enabled people of all races, creeds, and ethnic backgrounds to live in a society where they enjoy more freedoms than they would in most other countries. While not everyone has enjoyed these same freedoms to the same extent throughout the course of our national history, they have made fantastic gains which has fostered greater equality for all.

One idea that I keep hearing about in this class is that freedom and equality are diametrically opposed. In my opinion, they are not. In fact, I believe freedom BREEDS equality. To illustrate this belief, consider the African American. Originally brought to the colonies in bondage, the slaves of early America enjoyed virtually no freedoms. However, thank to the freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly, the American people began to protest the established tyranny of slavery. Eventually, the idea that slavery was an evil, oppressive institution that should be abolished grew to a point where it had to be abolished in order to save our very republic from disintegration.

Of course the African American struggle for freedom didn’t stop there. Free blacks became citizens but in most of America, they were still oppressed in other ways that limited their freedom. During the 20th century, the same freedoms that freed the slaves led to the reforms of the Civil Rights Act. Blacks and sympathetic whites exercised their right to petition government for equal treatment and protections under the law. They demanded that the government live up to it’s ideal that “all men are created equal”.

Today all Americans, regardless of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin enjoy the right to vote, assemble, petition government, worship as they choose, etc. Laws are in place to prevent unfair discrimination in the workplace and other venues. This enables everyone (except the unborn) to enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As human beings, we have faults. No one is perfect and no nation is perfect. Our system of government isn’t perfect and it never will be. There will always be people who will try to oppress others. There will always be criminals. There will always be poor people and there will always be rich people. These facts have remained true throughout human history and they’re not going to change. Virtue, piety, sin, and vice are all a part of human nature. However, a society that embraces freedom will fight to the death to preserve that freedom because without it, no one has the opportunity to change their lives for the better. In America, a child born in poverty is not guaranteed to die in poverty. Not every nation can say that and no other nation in the world has given it’s people as many opportunities to achieve prosperity. And so I say, God bless America!