Tell NBC what you think of Saturday Night Live

I do not watch NBC, CBS, or ABC, ever, except for NFL games. Today, I decided I’d ban NBC from my TV even for football. I didn’t see the Saturday Night Live skit where they joked about incest in Sarah Palin’s family but I heard about it today. In case you missed it, they cracked jokes about Todd Palin having sex with his daughters. I was so outraged, I went to their website and told them what I thought of their trash.

I heard the offensive parts of the skit on Rush’s show. I swear, the National Barack Channel has NO morals. NO shame. Disgusting. I wrote them a little letter, thanking them for reminding me why I never watch their channel.

As if they care, I know. But still, I implore the reader to join me and fill the inbox at Saturday Night Live. Click here.


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