The 2008 Election - a script for the Twilight Zone

I’m thoroughly confused. I do not understand what is going on in our country. Barack Obama manages to maintain a slight lead in almost all polls and it just doesn’t make any sense.

Experience – The most obvious reason why he shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the White House. I need not elaborate on this one, everyone knows he can’t hold a candle to McCain on experience. I’m dumbfounded that Hillary! lost the nomination of her party. Frankly, I’d feel much better having her as president than Obama.

Abortion – According to every poll I’ve ever read, most Americans think abortion (especially abortion-on-demand and late-term abortions) are an abomination. And yet the majority of Americans appear to be ready to elect this lunatic who openly supports the infanticide of babies born alive as the result of a botched abortion.

Taxes – Obama promises to raise taxes like a good liberal. So what else is new? I have a friend who supports Obama and he thinks that raising taxes is a good idea. It seems to me, that if you want more money to enter the US treasury, then you lower taxes which increases productivity. This is something both Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy understood. So what’s the point in raising taxes if it results in lower productivity and thus lower revenue for the government to waste? McCain wants to lower taxes, and yet some idiots want to pay more. Here’s an idea – do it voluntarily and leave MY wallet alone!

Government Waste – Speaking of the devil, government waste will only increase with Obama. Liberals want to enact legislation that will create more gov’t programs (see health care) and there will be no end to voter bribary such as earmarks and $1000 checks for everyone – “paid for by oil companies”. McCain wants to cut gov’t waste. And yet people want more.

Energy Policy – McCain wants to drill. Obama wants everyone to use their tire guages (as if they don’t already). I can’t believe people take him seriously. Democrats don’t want us to drill our own oil while at the same time whining about how we’re dependant on foreign oil.

Iraq – Obama was against the surge. McCain was for it. The surge worked. This should be a no-brainer.

The ecoonomy – We are NOT in a recession. We haven’t been in one in years. But of course, it’s an election year so here come the commercials featuring the poor and “downtrodden” among us. Jesus said we will always have the poor among us. Even still, unemployment and poverty are BOTH lower than when Clinton was president. America’s poorest are considered wealthy compared to wealthy compared to Obama’s own brother who lives on $12 a year. $12!! If brother Barack were to send his own brother $20, it would more than DOUBLE his income.

Friends and Family – Obama’s communist dad, his angry wife, his crazy preachers (3 of them!!), Tony Rezko, William Ayers.

Biden!! He said Obama is NOT READY TO LEAD!! Obama’s OWN VEEP said the presidency is not for “on the job training” – referring to Obama!!

And yet, he continues to lead in all the polls and brings in money hand over fist. I simply do not understand this.

Ah, but the people want “change”. I asked my friend, an Obama supporter, just what he would like changed. He couldn’t answer the question. Neither can I.