My Patience Has Run Out - A Word on DACA

DACA Protestors
DACA Protestors


Honestly, the reaction I am seeing to with President Trump pushing DACA back to Congress where it belongs is making me less sympathetic to DACA participants. I refuse to call them Dreamers, because every child has dreams. Including those children who just happen to be legal citizens and legal immigrants. The acronym implies an aspirational quality that fuels a narrative.

By using it we are essentially allowing this class of illegal immigrants to obtain victim status on top of the pile of all the other “victims” the Left tries to force us to care about. In this case, these “children”, who are now in their 20’s & 30’s, are victims of just one group. Their parents, who knowingly came here against the law and placed their children in this tenuous position the day they arrived. Their parent’s failure was compounded by Obama who gave them temporary protection via an Executive Order that even he knew was beyond his Constitutional authority.

So now it goes to Congress. Unfortunately as of late, many members of the House and Senate seem more intent on virtue signaling than legislating. I suggest all you Congress Critters do your polling at home on this issue and legislate on what your constituents will tolerate. Not what the media tells you. Not what you think will make Chuck Schumer stop calling you names. Special note to the GOP, it does not matter what you do. The Left will still call you racists, white supremacists or whatever other slur seems to fuel their vocal progressive base.

It’s time Congress remembers who they work for and get it right if they are going to address this issue at all. If come March there is no consensus, so be it. It means the electorate does not have the will to fix this problem in a particular way. In other words, it would mean there is no consensus on an issue that affects 800,000 people out of 320 million.

Also DACA “kids”, that is the beauty and the risk of the republic you claim to love and want to be a part of. It is possible and often preferable that the government do nothing even if it fails to solve your particular problem. In short government is not very good at solving most individual or identity group problems and America does not owe you an answer to a problem your parents created.

Conservatives and Republicans in Congress should accept no compromise regarding DACA that does not put an end to some of our most costly and harmful immigration policies. They need to ignore the “This is not who we are” garbage peddled by the previous administration and understand many of the RAISE Act provisions have significant public support. Prioritizing skills and English language capability both poll at about 60% approval.

They should also not support any legislative solution that does not limit itself to the current DACA program participants, end the program to future applications immediately and put serious limits on obtaining anything beyond legal residency for current participants. Why you ask? The U.S. should not encourage more parents to make the same lousy decision to circumvent the law to get their kids an eventual pass and a boatload of free goodies.

Further, it is long past time that the United States end chain migration as preferred policy. It is also well past the point where serious provisions for border security are provided for. No, this does not mean a big, beautiful wall. It means giving the Border Patrol the tools and support they request to secure it. And fixing the visa monitoring program to meet the same standard as say, Columbia. Really. Look it up.

Immigration should benefit our national economic interests first and foremost like every other 1st World country. It should be based on skills and be limited to the most narrow definition of the nuclear family of the immigrant. Canada has an excellent policy. So do many European countries. Or, just for fun, look up Mexico’s. Even they have a points system and serious limits on chain migration of families.

The world likes to make the U.S. feel that we have some obligation to unfettered immigration as a result of our colonial history and independant success. The fact still remains that at some point in history almost every nation was a nation of immigrants. Humans sprung up in a pretty limited area and spread out from there. Our youth and economic success should not prevent us from acting in our own national interest. We will not remain successful without being a sovereign nation with borders and some control over who gets to live here.





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