Senator McConnell, Why do you not listen to us?

Senator, McConnell,  You have been my US Senator most of my adult life.   I remember speaking with you as a college senior at the University of Kentucky as you ran your inaugural Senate campaign in 1984.   Having lived under Democrat Senators and Congressmen my entire life, the possibility of having a Republican in the Senate from Kentucky seemed remote.   Not only did your bloodhounds chase Dee Huddleston into retirement, you ushered in a Republican renaissance in Kentucky that at one point captured the entire congressional delegation.   This is an accomplishment that deserves our gratitude.

Your mastery of the Senate has taken you to the leadership position you have today.   Having voted to reelect you repeatedly, I spend much of recent terms frustrated at your efforts to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.    You and fellow Republicans presided over a massive expansion of the Federal Government while our party controlled all three branches of government.   My blood pressure rises every time I see you brag in the local papers about the federal money you bring back to Kentucky when conservatives are screaming to STOP SPENDING.

It took our country 236 years to accumulate $6 trillion of debt.   You managed to double this to over $12 trillion in just seven more years!    (Please note conservatives are intellectually honest enough to not pretend we can blame this solely on “the other guy”.)     Current forecasts have another $7 trillion in debt coming in the next 7 years.

You managed to take a 55 seat Senate Majority to a 40 seat filibuster proof minority in only 4 years and yet you cling to same political philosophy that took us to this point.

Anyone in private business with this record would be resigning in shame but somehow politicians are never at fault and continue on without once ever thinking they were wrong.

And now we have the leftists’ ultimate vision of socializing health care and taking over 1/6th of the US economy within their grasp.   It really does not matter what they pass, they know any bill will let them reach their goal.  They are not reforming anything, they are trying to wreck health care and the economy to increase their power.   Yet time after time the collegiality of the Senate remains your guiding principle.   Your fellow Democrat senators are the enemy of liberty and capitalism and should be treated as such.

Where is your outrage?  Why have you not screamed from the floor of the Senate every day that the Democrats are trying to destroy America?   Why are you not on every cable network preaching nightly the evil intentions of the statists in power?   Why are you acting as if this a just another political debate that requires you to “work the process”?    Why did you not demand censure of Senator Reid when he compared Republican opposition to the support of slavery?  Why have you not used every single parliamentary tactic to bring the health care debate to a crawl?  Why are you not making every democrat Senator tremble in fear as you put them on record voting over and over again that their intention is the destruction of the American way of life?    Why are you not calling out the media by name when they refuse to cover the outrages and fraud happening right in front of their eyes?

I know you and your staff monitor Redstate and I know that you saw Erick’s masterful fight post “Fight” from yesterday.  Do you realize how angry the conservative base is?   Why are you not responding?  Why are you letting us carry the fight?   Why do Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, and Senator DeMint have to deliver the message that you should be leading?

I have written, called, and emailed your office constantly over the years with little satisfaction so now I must write you publicly.   YOU are the Republican leader in the Senate!   You are the highest elected Republican in the country for now.   YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR LEADER NOW!   You have worked your entire life for this moment and the time for you to rise to the challenge has come.   Put aside your cautions.  Put aside your collegiality.  Put aside your bipartisanship.  Stand up for America and for the future of our country.

Let history record that in 2009, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell fought the political battle that saved our future.  Don’t let us down anymore.

Are you listening?