Kentucky 6th District - opposition town hall

Blue Dog Ben Chandler (Kentucky 6th District) is hiding from his constituents in Lexington, Kentucky this month.  He is another one of those talk conservative/vote liberal professional politicians that believes he is invincible.  Given Chandler’s history and pedigree he likely does not have a conservative principle left.  Grandson of a former Governor and a former state Attorney General, he flamed out in his run for Governor in 2003, giving Kentucky its first Republican Governor in 36 years.   He immediately ran for the special election for the seat his opponent Ernie Fletcher vacated but surely is biding his time for another statewide run.

I heard an anecdote that Chandler tried to impress some of the local Dem VIP’s during a visit recently by scheduling time with Rahmbo.  The net effect was just to make them nervous by being told that Obama was going to take care of Chandler.  Kentucky Democrats are conservative by nature and are not necessarily impressed by rubbing shoulders with raging leftists.  John McCain carried this district with 55% percent of the vote while Chandler carried 65% with little opposition in 2008.   Chandler was a reliable vote for “Cap and Tax” (amazing in a coal producing state) and will likely betray his constituents on health care.

Chandler now has an opponent in Matt Lockett … a local citizen who wants to bring conservative leadership to the district.   I do not know Matt but hope to learn more as he builds his campaign.  I am pleased to see that he is running a town hall on health care since Chandler is missing in action and hope to see Matt in person this weekend.  It would be great to see Chandler have an early political career retirement in November 2010.