The ideological blindness of a liberal

Once again we have another enlightened liberal reporter bemoaning the inherent unfairness of the US Constitution in preventing the Obama agenda from passing.   It is so terribly unfair that small population states have equal power to the large population states resulting in unequal distribution of tax revenue and agenda control. Check out this sad lament:

And then there’s the Senate’s age-old distortion of distributive politics, in which goodies are doled out on anything but a per-capita basis. California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey are among the 10 states that get the least back per tax dollar sent to Washington; Alaska, the Dakotas and West Virginia are among those that get the most.

Never once did it occur to this author that if Washington DC would not demand the ever growing federal tax dollars, the money could remain in the states for those governments to prioritize as the FOUNDERS INTENDED!  I will never understand how a supposedly educated person can have no sense of the history about the magnificence of the US Constitution that created our REPUBLIC.   In the history of man, no document has ever allowed a nation to prosper and protect it’s citizens from tyranny as has ours.  Only protection from the majority rule allows us to survive with the liberty our founders secured for us.