Democrat Congressman Steve Driehaus 1st District Ohio health care forum

I attended Congressman Steve Driehaus’ health care forum last night sponsored by a Democrat Womens’ club.  It was a capacity crowd with an overflow room and still 50 people left outside … 300 to 400 total.

The moderator started the night with an insulting, condescending lecture that the event was for people “concerned about health care” and she would not tolerate an organized mob designed to disrupt the event in order to tape embarrassing statements by the Congressman.  She was able to begin the night with a round of boos as she had just insulted the audience.

The crowd was 90% opposed to the Congressman’s six month voting record and I could not find one person bussed there by the insurance lobby.   Oddly enough we all had cars and drove to the event.

He tried to control the event by only taking written questions but that lasted about 15 minutes before he was forced to address the audience directly.  Every time he tried one of the Democrat talking points, he was met with boos and laughter.  He actually used a quote from a pediatrician that the “US Health Care system was immoral”.   He was stunned that his audience found the statement insulting.  Finally he  was left with either providing non-answers or an answer that would appear that he would not be supporting the details of the Health Care bill.  If he would only vote as he talks, we would not have a problem with him.  However as he betrayed his district on the stimulus, the 2010 Budget, and Cap and Tax, he is likely to continue the betrayal.

At the conclusion, the audience wide chant of “vote for Steve Chabot” was a perfect ending.  Steve Chabot is the multi-term Congressman from the 1st District of Ohio that Driehaus narrowly defeated in 2008.  By January 2011, we should be referring to former Congressman Dreiehaus.