Simple solution to avoid taxing the rich

As the liberals in Congress are on crusade to raise marginal tax rates on the “rich”, I realized there is a simple solution to stop this.   Have you noticed that calls for taxing the “rich” always are above the amount of current congressional salaries?   As distasteful as this sounds, we need to raise salaries of elected representatives to at least $500,000 per year.   If we get their salaries high enough, there are not enough wage earners above them to raise significant revenue with tax increases.   They can also no longer pontificate about the “evil rich” when they are now one of them.

Many of those in Congress are not qualified for jobs paying $100,000 in the private sector so I know this seems ridiculous.  However, as soon as they get a taste of these higher salaries, the requirement to give 50% to 60 % of it back to the government would drop dramatically.   They might even discover a sudden justification for a flat tax.   Perhaps if we pay them enough their desire to risk taking graft from federal payouts (a.k.a John Murtha) could be diminished eliminating some pork projects.  Hopefully the higher salary would also encourage better qualified people to run knowing they would not have to take a pay cut.