Does an energy producer HAVE to produce?

I continued to be stunned by the audacity of the “destroy our economy” movement… more commonly  known as Cap and Trade proponents.  It occurred me that we all assume that the energy producers of our country must just roll over and accept whatever new tax schemes the Government imposes on them.   We assume the coal trains will continue to roll and the natural gas pipelines will continue to flow.

Why does this has to happen?   Our coal is provided by private mining companies.   Our natural gas is provided by private energy exploration companies.    Suppose one or more of these companies announces a change in production and distribution strategies.  Until the Congress of the United States decides to quit penalizing them and the American consumer they are going to choose who to do business with.  Shipments will be halted for energy products for any state whose congressional delegations supports these punitive taxes.   Those states will be encouraged to find alternatives supplies of energy.  Since they are such ardent proponents of green energy that this will give them a chance to live that dream … perhaps some strong wind will be in the forecast.

Of course, some short term revenue opportunity will be lost but it will buy much more long term freedom.  This would generate a outcry from the statist’s about companies not having the right to do this … last time I checked we still allow (for now) private companies to operate as they choose.   Immediate calls to nationalize these companies would be made … further exposing their true colors.  We have allowed ourselves to accept the false premise that the federal government has all authority and control to tell us how to run our lives and businesses.  Maybe this a way to announce that we don’t have to always march to that tune.

As the lights go out on the east and west coasts, let them all enjoy their CO2 free environments while flyover country will continue to enjoy refrigerated food.  Those residents living by candlelight might want to call their Congressional representative … oops, their cell phone batteries are not charged.