End "Trust Fund" myths

For 25 years both political parties continue to foist the mythical “trust fund” for Medicare and Social Security on the unsuspecting public.    Every year we get updates like this.

“Specifically, the trustees’ report predicts that the trust fund from which Social Security payments are made will be unable to pay retirees full benefits by 2037, four years earlier than forecast a year ago. In particular, the trustees single out the financial weakness of the part of the program that subsidizes disabled Americans, saying that fund will run out of money in 2020.”

and this…

“Medicare’s financial health, the report shows, deteriorated less sharply in the past year than Social Security’s, but it remains the more urgent problem. The trust fund that pays for hospital care under Medicare is now predicted to run out of money in 2017, two years earlier than forecast a year ago. That fund does not involve the parts of Medicare that cover doctor’s visits or coverage for prescription drugs.”

Anyone with the slightest amount of intellectual honesty will admit the “trust funds” are only IOU’s from the Government to the Government that must be paid with new taxes or borrowed money to replace the previous taxes that have already been spent! Any private business executive who ran accounting of this nature would be charged with fraud and imprisoned, yet politicians for my entire adult life continue to discuss this accounting fraud as if it is real.   Every vote I have cast in my life as been for elected leaders who have perpetuated the biggest Ponzi scheme in history … Bernie Madoff must be their role model!

Is there any chance that the Republican party will require it’s elected representatives to attest to the reality of this fraud (including their apology) and refuse to perpetuate the myths one day longer?   If the message is uniform from the entire party the media will be forced to admit the truth of the message and then perhaps we can quit kicking the can down the road until the final day of reckoning arrives.

As conservatives, why are we expected to continue supporting candidates that will not attest to this truth?