Why the rush?

The future of a generation of Americans depends on approximately 40 Democrat members of Congress.   Does that get your attention?

Only a small minority of American’s have yet to recognize the threat our country is facing.  Even sadder is how many Republican elected leaders and party officials believe this is just the simple back and forth of political cycles.  Our country is in the midst of the worst economic downturn in 30 years and our government is doing everything in it’s power to make sure the crisis deepens resulting in a permanent and irreversible expansion of government.   Only ideologue’s who are committed to the control and decline of the free market system would seek to enact policies guaranteed to expand government debt, enslave greater number’s of citizens in service to their government, and restrict the growth and prosperity of our private economy.

Why is there such a hurry?  Every statist in history knows their system fails in practice.   The march toward socialism has been progressing in the US for 100 years and yet time is running out.  The collapse of communism in parallel with the unmatched Reagan success story nearly destroyed the dreams of every 60’s radical.  Even Bill Clinton declared the era a big government over and governed at the edges of liberalism basking instead the glow of a growing economy and a wealthier electorate.  The Republicans of this decade took the left off life support by deciding that the spoils of government power were much more pleasurable than governing with conservative principles.  They handed our future to them on a platter and included an economic crisis as the perfect vehicle for massive change.

The left must not give the American public time to recognize the assault they are under.   Six to eight years of gradual change gives time for education and reflection … they must succeed in two years and then spend the next two years lying about the results to achieve reelection.  The one area of history they do recognize is that government once expanded rarely contracts.   They know that fear can drive the electorate to believe that security of a “promise”.   The bigger the economic depression the easier to promise rescue.  Like the electorate of Europe, the vision is to eliminate the debate about free market versus government … just debate about who are the winners of government largesse.

Three key issues will determine their success; national health care, Cap and Trade, and Card Check.  If 40 Democrat members of Congress decide they are not willing to accept the Europization of America, we have a chance.  The first 100 days are not encouraging.