No clothes: Trump's straw man Fox News debate setup

Donald Trump has pulled out of the Fox News Channel debate scheduled for this coming Thursday, January 28, 2016.  This reeks of a setup which could and should have been detected from a mile away.  Several days ago, Trump resurrected the carcass of his dispute with Megyn Kelly seemingly out of nowhere.  Based on the timing and the circumstances surrounding all of this, it is obvious that this stunt was premeditated, a foil, ruse, and a setup.

About a week ago Trump started taking major flak on actual substantive issues.  On or about January 16, he began losing historically friendly talk radio hosts, starting with Levin’s response to a morning barrage of tweets from Trump attacking Ted Cruz.  By the end of last week, Mark Levin had turned decidedly against the candidate, describing his campaign strategy as Nixonian.  In the past week, Trump has opened fire on numerous fronts with his trademarked Trump Cannon against anyone who dares to stand up against him.  He has even gone so far as to personally attack Bob Vander Plaats in the most personal (and apparently false) manner in retribution for his endorsement of Ted Cruz.  Meanwhile, in the home stretch, the Cruz campaign and several super PACs supporting him have saturated the airwaves in Iowa and elsewhere with paid television advertisement that completely exposes Donald Trump as an opportunist and a charlatan.

Trump knew full well that Roger Ailes would never embarrass his hottest evening star by replacing her on the debate panel (whatever you think about her). Then, feigning indignity over FNC’s snarky and humorous response, pulls out of the debate.

Yes, this is all a setup and Megyn Kelly is a foil designed to give The Donald cover as he extricates himself from what would be a bloodbath on Thursday.  Trump knows that he has everything to lose in a debate over substance and he is not willing to have his record examined and exposed for all to see a few days before people start voting.

Trump’s miscalculation is that outside of his hard core following of Trumpistas, he is not going to get away with this without taking major damage where it counts.  Iowa voters take their responsibility and role in the presidential selection process very seriously.  It is unfathomable that a stunt like this — and yes, that’s what it is, a stunt — will be looked upon favorably by many trying to make a serious decision about who to send on to New Hampshire and South Carolina for further consideration.

Donald Trump just looks like a coward who is picking up his ball and taking it home because he didn’t get his way in how the game would be played.  The emperor has no clothes; Trump has been fully exposed as the self-absorbed, narcissistic charlatan many of us knew he was from the very beginning:  A Democrat from New York masquerading as a Republican in the GOP primary to give cover to Hillary Clinton.  When you combine all of this with his decidedly leftward lurch in the past week (describing himself as being loved by the Establishment, going so far as to say even that he’s “got to be a little Establishment” in order to cut deals with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer), it is clear that Donald Trump’s false flag campaign for Hillary Clinton is undeniable at this point.

It is my hope and prayer that after defeating Donald Trump — however that must occur — we conservatives can now move on to the serious business of electing someone who can restore our country to its constitutional roots.