Time To Eliminate Voter Fraud: Support Reform NOW

From Al Franken in Minnesota to “Dino Rossi’s Great Washington Adventures,” for too long we have witnessed Democrats outright steal elections.  We’ve been told that we must elect conservatives with “fraud-proof” majorities to avoid the inevitable theft by the voting dead or in the recount.  Even today, voter fraud is a serious matter.  Nothing could be more fundamental to our democracy.

The importance of security at the polls, or the lack thereof, must be addressed. This issue should immediately be addressed by the recently-elected Republican legislatures around the country.  This is a state-level issue and so should be a top priority issue for conservative activists across the country.

While it is always a good idea to have “open” elections and voting opportunities to get more of the eligible population involved, these policies can lead to destructive results.  Socialists and freedom-haters the world over have consistently been willing to do anything to advance their agendas, inside the law or out.  Witness, ACORN.  Witness, SEIU.  Witness, Soros “Secretary of State Project.” Does anybody remember the 2008 scandal involving out-of-state students traveling to swing states to vote for Barack Obama?  Of course, this year there are incredible irregularities that expose a massive Democrat effort to manufacture votes and steal elections.

So how should voting be conducted in a free country?  What is the balance between open participation and legitimate verification?  The following is my view on the subject of voting reform and the requirements and restrictions that each state should implement:

A person should be permitted to register to vote by mail or online, with a simple sworn statement (manual or digital) that they live at the address they list and are a citizen eligible to vote.  However, when received by the responsible official, registrations should be classified as “verified” or “unverified.”

A sworn registration without supporting documentation would be unverified.  Once proper documentation is presented and filed, either before the election or at the polls, the registration would become verified.  Verification of voter registration would mean presenting proof of residence address and citizenship.

Verified voters, having presented proof of citizenship and residency and such proof being on file with the election official, would be permitted to vote by proving their identity.

However, when a person shows up to vote as an unverified voter, they should be required to provide proof of citizenship in the form of: (a) certificate of naturalization; (b) birth certificate and photo ID; or (c) U.S. passport.  Voters should also be required to present proof of their registration address.

Voting should be in person whenever possible to avoid tampering.  Accordingly, absentee ballots should require a valid, sworn excuse (overseas deployment, U.S. citizen living abroad, temporary relocation, etc.) as to why the voter is unable to vote in person at either early voting or on election day.  Obviously, voters should be required to verify their eligibility to vote prior to an absentee ballot being mailed.

These reforms are not overly burdensome for legitimate, responsible citizens to adhere to.  In addition, they would vastly reduce the incidents of voter fraud.  While fraud will likely never be eliminated, it is our responsibility to fight to ensure open and fair elections at all cost.  I believe that in such close contents nation-wide, fraud has turned the tide in many elections — and we don’t even know it.

I urge everyone to raise this issue in their states and to fight for security in our elections today.