Obama/Napolitano gave a pass on enhanced airport security to Iran, Libya and Yemen, among others

John Tyner, of the “you touch my junk and I’ll have you arrested” fame, found out that once you fall into the government web, you don’t have the opportunity to opt out.  After making his statement, now heard round the world, he was met with more TSA agents, and a police officer, faster than they have ever been on picking up illegals at a construction site.  He said to a pair of TSA agents “I don’t understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying.” Thank you Mr. Tyner, for standing up to big sis’s surrogates, and speaking for so many that feel the the weight of government boots on our necks.

The police officer escorted Mr. Tyner to the American Airlines ticket counter, where he was given a full refund for his non-refundable ticket.  That may be the last bit of good luck for Mr. Tyner.  He was then told by a TSA agent that if he left the airport that he would be subjected to a civil suit, and a $10,000 fine.  He left anyway.  Good for him.  He is now being investigated by the TSA, and, the fine has now gone up to $11,000.  I’m sure Mr. Tyner will get alot of help with that fine, if it in fact is levied against him.

Mr. Tyner opted out of a free fell job by a TSA agent, and, he opted out of flying completely.  Nope, once you are in the government web, you can’t get out without being investigated, and fined.  What is the fine for anyway?  Is it because he opted out? Is it because he made the Obama administration look like the complete incompetent buffoons they are?

Googling around for information on airport security in other countries, I found info that African airports are very lax on airport security, because they can’t afford any kind of security.  The Christmas Day bomber’s trip originated at an airport in Nigeria, and his panty load was not detected.  He stopped in Amsterdam, and, once again, his fruit-of-the-boom stayed safely on his person.  Flights coming into the United States are far more potentially deadly than grandma flying to her son’s home for Thanksgiving dinner.

While Obama and Napolitano have instituted one of the most invasive, pornographic programs on every flying American citizen, that truly treats every one of us as though we are all potential criminals,  they have given a pass on any enhanced airport security measures, on the very countries  with the largest populations of  Islamic radicals.  As someone here said, it may be that 99% of muslims are peaceful, but, 99% of terrorists have been radical muslims. There is something extremely wrong with this picture.

In an article at the World Tribune, in April of this year, Obama ordered the removal of Iran, Syria, Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen from the list of countries who were previously required to have intensified security measures.  If that isn’t bad enough, Napolitano authorized these countries to “target individuals that match the description of any unnamed insurgency threat, whether by age or nationality.”  In other words, racial profiling. This, while the state of Arizona is being sued by the DOJ for potential racial profiling.

I’m speechless, but, even more so, more determined to make Obama a one term president.  He truly hates America and all of her citizens.

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