Compassionate Conservatism is so Yesterday Karl- We All know How That Worked Out

I just watched Wallace’s Sunday morning show. He announced at the very beginning that O’Donnell was supposed to be a guest, but, her campaign canceled on Friday night saying she was exhausted, and was returning home to DE. He said she called him the next morning, and told him she already had prior commitments in her own state that she chose to attend.

He announced that his guests were to be Rove, Murkowski and Miller. While talking to Rove, he said that Murkowski was up next. Murkowski never showed. He never made the first mention as to why Murkowski was a no show, yet mentioned O’Donnell’s cancellation yet again.

There is no question at all, whatsoever, in my mind, that there is very definitely a concerted effort to oust O’Donnell, as any kind of credible candidate, and it is not only coming from the Juan Williams types.

It does seem that O’Donnell does need some better people running her campaign. To cancel an interview because of exhaustion, is not a good strategy.   O’Donnell’s reason, that she wanted to honor her prior commitments to the people in DE, was more than plausible. Obviously there is a lack of coordination within the O’Donnell campaign. If Palin wants to help O’Donnell, she would help out with replacing, or adding to O’Donnell’s advisors and spokespeople.

Seems that the new mantra now has become, those that helped her win the primary, need to go to DE to drag her over the finish line. Funny that Palin wasn’t required to get to Kentucky to help pull Rand Paul across the finish line, or she wasn’t required to spend her time in NV in order to pull Angle across the finish line. I may be mistaken, but, I believe it was Rove that started that crap line, and, he did repeat it again this morning. Palin can help O’Donnell in many ways that don’t involve her camping out in DE until election day.  Rove made a point of saying that Paul and Angle went up in the polls after they won their primaries, yet O’Donnell’s polling numbers show her down by 11 points against the Democrat.  Is he relying on polls that were done  “the day after” the previous primaries?  He never acknowledges that O’Donnell was actually ahead of the Democrat, before the Castle machine, and he, started in on her personal failings.

At this point, if I were Palin, Levin and Malkin, I would make some appearances in DE.  Palin could do one speech there, and advertise it ahead of time. Palin still draws huge crowds, no mater where she goes. One visit is all that is needed. I think she will do it, and soon, and, she will put her money where her mouth is.  She needs to go all in for O’Donnell, more than any of the others she endorsed. This is absolutely a fight for the establishment Republicans vs. the voters that are running away from them, and are electing people who are not seen as operatives trying to trick the voters into keeping them in power. It is a fight for the heart and soul of what the Republicans once stood for, long before anyone named Rove came on the scene. I don’t know where Rove stands on Palin, but, I would bet he wouldn’t go there now, with the amount of support she has gotten.  She is bigger than him.  She is so today, and, he is so yesterday.  I do know Krauthammer has been against Palin from day one.

It seems to me that  most candidates, are advised by many, to stay on message.  Make your points about what policies and issues you support.  McCain failed to do that, and he paid the price for it. If he had any kind of message, other than, no one has to fear an Obama presidency, it was all over the board. Your position on the issues are what voters want to know.  What will you support when you go to DC, that is something I agree with.  Hasn’t the advice always been, stay on message?  O’Donnell has not been allowed to stay on message, it has been drowned out by calls for her to explain what she really meant by something that she did or said when she was “young and dumb.”  How many of us here didn’t say or do some really dumb stuff when we also were “young and dumb”?  As Liz Cheney pointed out on Wallace’s panel, Scott Brown posed nude for a magazine when he was younger, yet, no one made any big deal of that.  It’s an important distinction.  Rove believes that the voters in DE will not listen to her message on the issues, until she fully explains herself on her personal issues.  Funny that Rove never made any big deal of other elected Republican’s personal issues, in the past.  All he cared about was that they were electable.  He has done everything he can to make O’Donnell unelectable, and has unfortunately been given the microphone in order to spread  his message, and, sadly that message has been spread mainly on FOX.  She already has proven that she is electable, and, rather than speaking out against the Democrat in the race, Rove has gone all in against someone who is much more on the side of the voters than Rove.  It is obvious to me now, that Rove is functioning from some kind of personal vendetta.  This is all coming from the third most hated Republican back around 2006, as Vassar has pointed out.

Please do all of us Republicans and Conservatives a favor Karl Rogue, get out of the way so that we can support the primary candidate winners, elected by the voters, so that we can finally get some sanity back in Washington, which you helped to destroy, with your deceitful “Compassionate Conservatism.”