Neil Stevens- I need your help

I am posting this as a diary, because I don’t want my concern to fall by the wayside in a comment.

I use Mozilla Firefox.  I just connected to the internet via my provider, and, got a message that I needed to update my “advertising” opt out, which I did through Firefox.  For the first time, I got a message that I needed to opt into Taco 3.0 in order to block these 4 sites, I guess that is what you would call them.  It listed-


Google Analytics



I closed out, and did not opt in.  Another page came up when I clicked on Redstate that said-

There are privacy concerns at Redstate.  Redstate has 4 tracking sites in use, the ones I listed above.

Then there was a message-

No logins or passwords yet:what personal information they store is unknown.  You IP address is ———, and they know you’re close to Lewisbury, PA using Firefox on WinXP.  Then there is a box to click for “Block 3rd party tracking of Cookies.  There was alot more further down from that,  but I was not able to page down from there.  What the heck is going on?  Am I the only one to get that message.  I use Avast for Virus prevention, and it has been very problamatic lately.

I know I am probably paranoid lately with the moves from the FCC, but is there some reason that Mozilla Firefox is putting that message out?