Campaign for Liberty Goals

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Michelle Obama said “This is the first time, in my adult life, that I am proud of my country.”  Obviously, Mrs. Obama never believed that American has been truly exceptional, and that America has been the most free country in the world.  She didn’t believe Ronald Reagan when he said that America is the “Shining City on the Hill.”

That brings a question to mind- Does anyone remember Ron Paul ever praising the United States of America?  Has he ever made the first statement about America being a force for good over evil, or, that America has been a beacon of freedom that so many have died for, while trying to come to our shores?  As a commentor had said, “how many pictures of boatloads of Americans have you seen sitting on another countries shores”?

Mbecker908 has a terrific diary up today entitled “Ron Paul.” I couldn’t agree with him more that Ron Paul is a loony conspiracy theorist.  I’ll go farther and say, Ron Paul, and his self-funded fan club, The Campaign for Liberty, are downright dangerous for America.  Becker, over time, has laid out detailed information about Paul’s zero accomplishments. Becker stated that Paul’s understanding of the Constitution is marginal at best.

At one time Paul made a statement on the separation of Church and State.  Here is a detailed analysis of the statement, and how wrong his understanding of the issue is.  The picture is worth the look alone.

Reading comments on the C4L site, many Paul supporters believe that Ron Paul lost the 2008 presidential election only because “his campaign was disorganized.”  Have no fear, they are now much more organized, and are ready to convince him that he must run again in 2012.  After Paul’s straw poll win at the 2010 CPAC convention, he told an interviewer on TV that “he was a little surprised” at the win, and, that it “excites him.”  He is currently undecided if he will run for the Presidency again in 2012.

There is a website, Campaign for Liberty Leadership Summit.  Their goal is to take over the GOP.  They state-

“Like it or not, this is America and it’s a two party system.  One of the parties is closer to our beliefs, and one is easier to take over.  It so happens that both are the GOP.  Let’s bring the GOP back to it’s roots”. (Empahsis mine)

The C4L mission is to promote and defend individual liberty.  This will include-

.  Sound Money

.  Free Markets

.  Non-interventionist Foreign Policy

They advise their folk to “take over every local GOP organization.  It isn’t hard because the Republicans don’t want to get their hands dirty.”

When they have gotten C4L people installed at every level, they believe they then can take over the Republican party, and change it into what they want it to be.  When they say they want to bring the GOP back to it’s roots, I am unaware of a time when the GOP was “non-interventionist” and, did not support a strong national defense policy.  Actually, I’m not sure if they are even talking about the same roots that were always a part of the GOP.

They also have another website which lists all of the state chapters, it gives the number of members in each state, and, the names of the State Chapter Leadership.  If you click on the “Education” tab, at least in the few states I looked at, they give book lists for their members to read.  That is in lieu of stating specific political policies and beliefs.  For just a few of the topics, the book lists include-

Under the Civil Liberties tag

“Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America”- Radley Balko

“The Bush Torture Memos.”-James Bovard

“How the US Government created the ‘Drug Problem’ in the USA”- Michael Kreca

Under the Foreign Policy tag

“Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire”- Chalmers Johnson

“Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror”- Michael Scheuer

“The Betrayal of the American Right”- Murray Rothbard

“The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism”- Andrew Bacevich

Obviously, with every organization, especially newer ones, there are spats and disagreements between it’s members.  The C4L actively recruits candidates to run for all sorts of elective offices, and, those candidates must complete a “survey” which determines the candidates compatibility with the C4L goals (talk about purity tests).

They have actively supported a candidate in Colorado, Ken Buck.  The problem with Mr. Buck, he supports the Wars in the Middle East.  Of all the horrors.  Read here, “Did The Campaign for Liberty give $350,000 to a Neocon”?  “The C4L spent $350,000 on a media buy for a Colorado candidate named Ken Buck, who is endorsed by Michelle Malkin and supports the Wars in the Middle East.  We’re all over there going WTF?”

From the comments section at the above link, someone points out-

“The C4L is not supposed to be supporting candidates as it is a 501(c)4 lobbying organization which neither supports nor endorses candidates for public office.”

Are they not also supporting and endorsing Debra Medina in Texas?  Are they breaking the law?  I would be interested in our members that are attorneys weighing in on that.

Our own Coldwarrior has been doing fantastic and incredible work with his Precinct Committeeman Project.  There is also a national website for the Precinct Committeeman Project, hoping to fill the seats in each of the precincts across the nation.  I hope that there is some way of determining if those hoping to hold those spots are not being sought by a major influx of C4L’s, who really have no intention of upholding traditional Reagan Conservativism.

Ron Paul said– “The tide is changing, and, the youth are becoming much more interested in his fiscal and foreign policy positions.”  God please save us if that is true.