No Conservative Or Republican Is Saying This, AND I'M SICK OF IT!!!

For those of you who don’t know about Baronelle Stutzman, she’s a 70-year old florist and a devout Christian who lives in southern Washington state (not near to Seattle). She had frequently done business with a same-sex couple for several years. But when they asked her to provide flowers for the couple’s upcoming homosexual “wedding”, Stutzman said she couldn’t due to her religious beliefs; in addition, she referred them to another florist. To add to their homosexual “wedding” “ceremony”, the two jerk homosexuals hooked up with the ACLU and filed a lawsuit against the 70-year old Stutzman. The ACLU tried extortion to get her to settle, but her lawyers with the ADF rightfully nixed it since this was a case of forcing her to deny her religious beliefs. Not content with that, Washington’s Democrat Attorney General filed a consumer protection suit, which he won. Stutzman has to pay a fine of $1001, and is required to provide flowers anytime someone wants Stutzman to provide flowers for a homosexual “wedding”. It also means she could lose the suit from the homosexuals since she was found “guilty” of “violating” the state’s anti-discrimination law. This woman could easily be forced into bankruptcy.

I’ve seen some items from conservatives about this case. But nobody (that I’ve seen) has mentioned what I’m going to write next. And the GOP? Too stupid to probably know what is going on, and if they do, too stupid to say the right thing.

The Stutzman case is an absolute travesty. The homosexual activist pigs, which includes the Democrat Party and everyone of the Democrat media, are in irrational hysterics over Indiana’s new RFRA, lying – LYING – about how this law gives license to Christians to discriminate against homosexuals. What conservatives and the GOP needs to do is to concentrate on what is going on in the depravity-promoting Democrat state of Washington. Washington state includes the words “sexual orientation” in their anti-discrimination law, along with the word “religion”, as it applies to public accommodation, in subsection (1)(f). But Washington has no RFRA. None. Zero, zip, nada. The depravity-promoting Democrat state government has decided that religious belief has no place in the state of Washington. It counts for nothing. Even if the state constitution says it guarantees freedom of religion, and that the state’s anti-discrimination law contains the word “religion” in it, it doesn’t matter. Degenerates like the homosexuals who sued Stutzman and the Democrats who run the state government have decided that those with devout religious beliefs are to be treated like second-class citizens, that homosexuals are to be seen as the preferred class, not equal, in the law.

There is no reason why conservatives can’t make this case and use it to hammer home why Indiana’s RFRA is so important. It’s because homosexuals and those who support homosexual causes cannot be trusted to be civil when they get the idea into their heads that homosexuals’ sexual behavior is perceived to be under attack. But it has to be done by showing what lying hypocrites they are, with the Stutzman case being used to explain it. Americans like stories; this is a great story. But not just conservatives; the GOP has to get it into their stupid heads to highlight the egregious things being done to Stutzman, all because Democrats have determined that freedom of religion doesn’t exist in Washington, and use it to defend Indiana’s RFRA. This story needs to keep being told until even the Democrat media has to cover it properly, and dare Democrats to defend what is indefensible.

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