Blaming the Victim and the "Rape Culture"

A supposed comedy called “The Interview”, about the assassination of North Korea’s still-living (as far as we know) man-child, monstrous dictator Kim Jong Un, was set to be released on Christmas Day. The film’s distributor, Sony, had its computer systems hacked by, according to our illustrious federal government, those attached to the North Korean regime run by Kim. The hacking revealed some emails between the senior executives of Sony’s US operation, executives who were major donors to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign; the emails contained supposed racial derogatory remarks against Obama. But there was also a threat from somewhere that targeted for attack theaters that showed the movie. The owners of these theaters decided not to show the film, and Sony decided it wasn’t going to distribute it anywhere. A theater in Texas was going to show the 10-year old Paramount Pictures film “Team America: World Police”, which also deals with the death of a North Korean dictator, Kim’s father Kim Jong Il, who was alive and running North Korea at the time. Paramount decided to withdraw any distribution of that picture as well.

I agree that on the surface, these are acts of supreme cowardice on the part of the executives running these companies; plus, it shows the utter hypocrisy of the Democrats running Sony. But there is something else these people had to worry about had these films been shown, a threat from another group that exists right here in the good old U.S.A.: a major group of Democrat donors, ambulance-chasing shysters, à la John Edwards. As I write this, the theater in Aurora, CO where a massacre took place a few years ago is being sued for negligence. Summary dismissal of the case was denied, and the owners are going to be required to shell out more money to defend themselves in court. It is an event such as this that has Sony, Paramount, and the theater chains that refused to show “The Interview” before Sony yanked it, very worried. Even though these companies and their executives, not to mention patrons, would be victims if an attack occurred at a theater during a showing of “The Interview”, there all kinds of people here waiting to blame these victims, just as is going on in Aurora, CO.

And that brings me to the other aspect of this post, the “rape culture” mentality sweeping the nation. In particular, one Lena Dunham. In her recently released “memoir”, Dunham claims to have been raped. I’m not going to get into her slander of a conservative whom she falsely accused of raping her, or her hatred of conservatives or any other aspect of her “politics” (such as they are). The Democrat feminists, and let’s not kid ourselves it’s any other group attached to any other political party, have taken “umbrage” with any notion that Dunham wasn’t raped, despite the fact that Dunham’s tale speaks very much about sexual activities that were consensual, albeit with a male partner who seems to be very perverted. No, we are to take it on faith that Dunham claiming to be raped is her speaking truth to power. The same is being said about the woman known as “Jackie” from that now-discredited, agenda-driven Rolling Stone article from Democrat feminist fabricator Sabrina Erdely. And a host of other Democrat feminists whose claims of being raped are not to be questioned in the least.

What has been really fascinating about the promoters of the “rape culture” mentality is how the Democrat feminists have dealt with suggestions to prevent these rapes, as they call them, from occurring. For example, Dunham admits she got completely wasted on coke and Xanax before she was being “raped” by the man she picked up to have sex with. It is often the case at these universities that the parties involved in many of these acts are heavily inebriated on alcohol and/or drugs, some to the point of passing out or having already done so. It has been suggested that the women who are being called the “victims” here really shouldn’t be voluntarily engaging in the alcohol-imbibing and drug-taking behaviors that leaves them vulnerable to being potentially “victimized” by a man or men. That’s when the Democrat feminists hit the roof.

According to the Democrat feminists, even suggesting that a woman’s behavior has some sort of bearing on her being raped is outrageous and is nothing more than an attempt to “blame the victim”. Now, what they say is true when it comes to women who are actually raped and have reported it to the police knowing full well they may have to deal with the rape if the accused is caught and put on trial. But at universities these days, almost exclusively run “progressive”/regressive Democrat feminists (that would include the males), the government has promoted the idea that rape can be defined to be just about anything, so that even consensual sex can be considered rape, just like the sex scene described by Lena Dunham, and that the universities handle it instead of law enforcement. Even though no trial is taking place, the Democrat feminists require that the behavior of “victims” like Dunham, the picking up of someone to have sex with, voluntarily taking copious amounts of drugs, has no bearing on whether or not a “victim” like Dunham is raped. She claims it was rape, so it must be considered true. Blaming the victim is BAD!!!!

Except when it’s not. Like when greedy Democrat shysters see dollars for themselves when it is financially beneficial for them to exploit a tragedy, like the massacre at Aurora, CO, by filing suit against one of the victims, the owner(s) of the theater where the massacre took place.

So those that run Sony, Paramount, and the theaters that refused to show “The Interview” know that if the movie had been shown and the theaters showing it were attacked, the Democrat shysters’ blame-the-victim process would have kicked into high gear. This is the world we live in, this is the country we live in.

As an aside, the theater in Aurora, prior to the shooting, had one of those “gun-free zone” signs plastered on the building. In effect, it’s an announcement that the patrons inside are targets for the kinds of people who ignore such rules and the law. This is similar to the sign or signs posted on the grounds of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. I wonder if the shysters will be able to use that against the theater owner(s) in order to prove negligence (I’m not going to make a guess).