Democrat Media Ignores Basic Humanity

The following is one of the sickest, saddest stories I’ve ever read. It is a story of media failure. It is where our country is heading. It is where Democrats want to take us.

Can you find the obvious flaw in the headline of this AP story? “Autopsy inconclusive for fetus found in NYC bag“. But as mentioned in the following two excerpted paragraphs, that isn’t what was found [bold emphasis mine]:

An autopsy of a fetus found in a teenage girl’s shopping bag at a New York City lingerie store was inconclusive, and more tests will be needed to determine how the fetus died, the city medical examiner’s office says.


Preliminary reports from detectives suggest the fetus was born alive and possibly had been asphyxiated, but chief New York Police Department spokesman John McCarthy said that the case was still being investigated and that police were awaiting the medical examiners’ determination of the cause of death.

Once a human “fetus” is delivered, it is no longer a fetus but an actual child, a living, breathing human being. But the Democrat propaganda would have its readers believe this human was something other than a human. The AP tries to cover its tracks in that paragraph and in one further on in the piece, by introducing the possibility that the baby was dead when it was delivered. The AP only references the words “baby” and “child” one time, and that in a sentence quoted by a named source. Otherwise, the AP makes it a point to avoid using those words anywhere else, to avoid humanizing the victim.

As the quote shows, this didn’t take place in some hick town in the Bible Belt but in New York City. According to the piece, a 17-year old girl had said she delivered the baby the day before and put it in a bag because she didn’t know what to do. She and another teenaged girl had been arrested for shoplifting. In fact, she was arrested attempting to steal from a store in midtown Manhattan. And to add to this tragedy, she wasn’t trying to steal from a store to get something essential for herself, like food, and definitely not to get something essential for the baby. No, she and her friend were arrested trying to shoplift a Victoria’s Secret.

Now, I could go on showing how this is a failure of the culture Democrats would impose on us, but I can’t. It is entirely possible this girl has some serious mental problems. After all, she was picked up for shoplifting at a Victoria’s Secret, not some store that sells food or things for a baby; it shows the girl has almost no concept of responsibility. There is nothing in the article that says whether or not the sexual act leading to the pregnancy was consensual or not; if she had been raped, that and the resulting pregnancy could have easily led the girl to have severe mental issues.

This could be the fault of her parent(s); however, there isn’t enough in the piece itself to make that call. The girl’s parent(s) may have been trying their best to deal with her condition and as happens frequently, they can’t be everywhere at all times.

I could blame the NYC education system; by the age of 17, especially in the NYC public school system, a teenager should have a rudimentary understanding about sex, biology, and how to avoid a pregnancy. Again, there is nothing in the piece showing this to be a problem, especially if the girl was in a school where help was attempted.

And as much as I’d like to, I can’t even blame the permissive culture Democrats would impose on the rest of America since there is absolutely no evidence to make this conclusion. Except for one area.

As highlighted, the AP has removed the humanity from the dead child. It is a continuing theme of Democrats in the culture, in the media, and in politics. We saw this repeatedly during the Gosnell trial the Democrat media was forced to cover; even here, the Democrat media repugnantly showed how some of the babies were dead before Gosnell could kill them after he delivered them. Regardless of whether or not the 17-year old shoplifter delivered a live baby, the Democrat media wants to make sure the dead human being is thought of as an other, something other than a human being.

Until more facts are known, this is the most monstrous aspect of this entire tragic episode, the dehumanizing of a dead child by the Democrat media. It is shameful. And the Democrats wouldn’t have it any other way.