If Obama Had 4 Sons, They Might Look Like These Chaps

As is his wont, Barack Obama will inject himself into a racially charged legal matter when he shouldn’t. Bryan Preston explains the what and the why:

But Obama went out of his way to publicly comment on the Martin killing, declaring that if he had a son, β€œhe would look like Trayvon.” Obama chose to comment on the case at a time when his poll numbers were flagging and a presidential election was looming just a few months away.

It wasn’t just flagging. It was entirely possible the black vote wouldn’t show up in as great a numbers, which may very well have led to President Romney. So with the help of the Democrat media, George Zimmerman became the equivalent of a good ol’ boy Klansman.

Well, turns out there are some other people who, if Obama had four sons, they might look like Jekari Strozier. Antonio Pass, Johnathan Anthony, and Kemonta Bonds of Georgia:

On July 1, Cobb County police arrested four gang members after they reportedly attacked a man walking along Mableton Parkway, eventually placing him into the path of an oncoming vehicle.


The victim, 36-year-old Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, of Mableton was beaten mercilessly by the assailants, and in an attempt to escape, he began backing up onto the road, according to a police report.

That’s when his attackers knocked him to the pavement, where he was almost immediately run over.

Have you heard this story? Read the whole thing. I’d expect it isn’t being reported anywhere by the Democrat media. I’m also guessing Obama and his regime haven’t heard about this tragedy either. Which means the racist Attorney General hasn’t sent any of his goons to Georgia. Of course, white Georgians aren’t on the streets threatening to riot either. If anything, the racist Al Sharpton would more than likely call for a riot if and when these four thugs were convicted, with help from the racist AG.

Like I said, if Obama had four sons, they very well could look like these four.

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