Breaking News: Justice Served, Gosnell Guilty of 1st Degree Murder - OPEN THREAD

Here’s an open thread to say what you want.

Gosnell is guilty of 1st degree murder of 3 babies; he was originally hit with charges against 7 babies, but 3 of the charges were dropped and apparently he was acquitted on the remaining. But he is guilty of 1st degree murder. He was also found guilty of manslaughter on the woman he killed while doing another abortion.

As mentioned here, Gosnell was apparently laughing and having a grand ol’ time last week. After the verdict was read a little while ago, he was shaken and bewildered.

I hope a lot of his “professional” brethren are also shaken and bewildered, as well as their supporters. Remember, the group that Obama asked God to bless, Planned Parenthood, knew about Gosnell and never reported him to the authorities, nor did any other pro-abortion swine.

Justice is served.

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