Kermit Gosnell is Roe v. Wade Personified

There is no other way to put it. Along with Scott v. Sandford (Dred Scott), Roe v. Wade ranks as one of the most inhuman Supreme Court decisions ever. Not only has it resulted in averaging more than a million dead babies a year, Roe created Kermit Gosnell. Roe has also been a hallmark of Barack Obama as he as supported it so strongly, he saw to it during his time as an Illinois state Senator that the state’s legislature could not protect babies born alive following failed attempts to abort them.

As was mentioned in the Grand Jury report (H/T: streiff at RedState), this all started under the administration of the GOP’s pro-abortion RINO Tom Ridge, extending through the administration of pro-abortion Democrat Ed Rendell as Pennsylvania officials deliberately did not inspect the state’s abortion mills for 20 years and ignored complaints against Gosnell; he often left pieces of the dead babies in the wombs of the mothers because he was monstrously negligent. As the indictment pointed out, Gosnell would induce labor to kill the babies after they were born because it was easier for him and his staff to do it. And yet, and to make sure people get it, AND YET, not one (or so few as to not matter) supposedly pro-life Republican candidate or office holder (forget the Democrats) has either mentioned this case or tied Gosnell to Roe and Obama’s pro-abortion fanaticism. We all know the pro-abortion Democrat media will avoid this story for as long as possible. I’ve been covering this since it came out two years ago, along with others.

While this has been going on, zealous pro-abortion advocates have been using the courts to try to overturn every single, sensible regulation to make abortions safer and more rare. New York state is about to pass an abortion law that will codify the state’s law code that were the opposite of the laws Pennsylvania officials ignored, creating more Gosnells. Any pro-abortion fanatic who dares to claim they want abortions to be legal, safe, and rare is a liar and should be told so to their faces. They have proven time and again they only care about them being legal; the other two adjectives they ignore because they want “access” to be more important. With Gosnell, they have blood on their hands. The blood of tens of millions of dead babies. On. Their. Hands.

Gosnell is Roe v. Wade personified. When he wasn’t committing murder according to the law, Gosnell was performing abortions based on policies supported by Barack Obama and every other pro-abortion moonbat in Congress. The American people need to know.

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