Jason Whitlock and Bob Costas are supposed to be sports journalists, people who report the news about the sports world. Professional football player Jovan Belcher, a sports figure, murdering his girlfriend and then killing himself is obviously sports news. Nobody knows exactly what happened with Belcher, whether he was a bad man or mentally impaired due to having had too many head injuries playing football; in fact, why Belcher did what he did is something real sports journalists are paid to discover. What real sports journalists don’t do is go on a rant blaming guns and the mythical American “gun culture” for the deaths of Belcher and his girlfriend before knowing all of the facts. To go on such a rant is a breach of ethics, a terminable offense as far as I’m concerned. Of course, Democrat media types masquerading as news journalists make it a point to be unethical on a regular basis; I guess Whitlock and Costas didn’t want to be left out.

Along with a lapse of ethics, Whitlock’s and Costas’ rants lack perspective. With the Belcher incident, a gun was used in the killing of two people. Guns were used to kill people by murderers in many highly reported crimes and thousands die every year in which a gun is used. But Whitlock and Costas would have their readers and listeners believe that absent the proliferation of guns, all of these dead people would still be alive, as they believe Belcher and his girlfriend would be alive if Belcher hadn’t had a gun. Maybe these two idiots should tell that to the families of those thousands murdered without a gun being used:

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were both stabbed to death in 1994. Officially, the murders remain unsolved.

Eight student nurses were murdered by Richard Speck in 1966. They were all either stabbed or strangled to death.

Thirteen women were murdered by strangulation by the Boston Strangler. The Strangler was thought to have been one Albert DeSalvo, who did kill some of the women and was convicted of those crimes, but evidence has come out in the last 40 years that has cast doubt on DeSalvo being the Strangler.

Seventeen people were murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered his victims in a variety of ways, but without a gun.

Approximately thirty people, perhaps more, were murdered by Ted Bundy. He usually raped his victims before beating or strangling them to death.

Another 33 men and boys were murdered by John Wayne Gacy. As with the others, he did not use a gun to murder his victims.

A further 27 known victims, possibly up to 200, were murdered in the 1890s by Herman Webster Mudgett. While I admit to some oversimplification, Mudgett’s weapon of choice was his house (known as Chicago’s “Murder Castle”), specifically built with secret rooms and trap doors in order for Mudgett to torture his victims before killing them, often by asphyxiation.

More than 3000 were murdered by Al Qaeda terrorist vermin on 9/11/2001. The terrorists used knives and box cutters to hijack the planes they were on, then used those planes as missiles and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field near Shanksville, PA. No guns were used.

Unless they publicly apologize very quickly, both Whitlock and Costas should be fired immediately. Not because they spoke their minds, as is their right, but because what they said was a complete breach of journalistic ethics, engaging in an unqualified rant without knowing all of the facts behind Belcher’s crime and suicide, and doing so while abusing the First Amendment’s Freedom of the Press Clause.

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