The Real Election Post-Mortem; Bonus: The Question Not Asked

Yesterday’s Obama press conference, with the exception of the one or two real questions about what happened with this year’s 9/11 terrorist attacks in Benghazi (the ones regarding U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice and Fox News’ Ed Henry’s question), was a joke. I agree with those who say Obama should hold more of these since the sycophants amongst the Democrat media will continue to fawn over him instead of being journalists, and Obama knows this. Two effects have come from this: 1) Obama can lie through his proktos knowing just about all of Obama’s media puppets will not call him on it and report Obama’s lies as the truth; and 2), Obama can retain his disrespect of the media and the American people.

So the man who hasn’t had a problem with he and his minions spewing egregious lies in attacks on Mitt Romney and Republican women has suddenly developed “outrage” over the “attacks” on one of the women in his regime, and is now feigning a chivalrous nature, daring the opposition to come after him knowing full well he is going to continue lying and obfuscating. Worse, he knows full well his media drones will take his side. This is what Republicans had to face this election cycle: the shamelessness of Democrats and Obama’s worshipers. And to top it off, not one person, not even Ed Henry, asked the one question that needed to be asked yesterday.

The other day, Obama supposedly convinced his racist Attorney General Eric Holder to stay on the job. It didnt’ matter that under Holder, the Justice Department believes Americans who are black are stupid, Americans who are white need to be disenfranchised from voting, and via Operation Fast & Furious, Mexicans needed to be sacrificed in the greater goal of implementing gun control; plus, Obama helped Holder cover up the regime’s OF&F criminality and has allowed Holder to retain on the DoJ payroll two other Obama appointees who lied about OF&F to Congress, Gary Grindler and Lanny Breuer. So it’s no surprise that as the dishonorable and incompetent Sec. of State Hillary Clinton decides on when or if she leaves the regime, Obama floats the notion to replace Clinton with another dishonorable and incompetent crony, current U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice.

Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte have said they will do everything they can to prevent Rice from becoming the next Sec. of State (not that Obama will put in anyone better). This is when Obama decided to pull out his phony “Sir Galahad” act, attacking McCain and Graham while ignoring the fact that another woman, Ayotte, was also a part of the chorus.

The problem is that like just about everyone else who is a part of the Obama regime, including Obama himself, Rice has no shame whatsoever. On the first Sunday after the terrorist attack on Benghazi, Rice went out to lie about what caused the attack in the first place. Obama so much as admitted so in yesterday’s press conference. Shortly after her appearances and continuing to this day, Rice’s and the regime’s statements about the attack being caused by an American-made video have been shown to be ridiculous, bald-faced lies, something ignored by the still-tingling Democrat media. If Rice had any honor at all, she’d have resigned long ago; of course, so should have Petraeus, Clinton, Clapper, Donilon, and everyone else Obama has pointed his finger to for not protecting the four Americans, including the first U.S. Ambassador in 35 years, from being murdered by Al Qaeda-backed terrorists in Benghazi. But Rice doesn’t have any honor. She’s happy to be one of Obama’s fools, although she might be a little bit reticent to appear on TV anytime soon. Just as with Holder’s Obama-assisted cover up of OF&F, Obama’s faux “outrage” over the legitimate criticisms of Susan Rice is another blatant attempt by Obama to cover up for his malfeasance. What makes Obama’s faux “outrage” even more egregious and phony is how Obama has let his misogynist supporters try to destroy conservative women, especially Sarah Palin, because they are conservative women. Anything to shut down dissent.

But there is one thing that really bothers me about yesterday’s press conference that nobody seems to have noticed. Not only did he send Rice out to regurgitate the lies about how a video caused the “riots” that saw four Americans murdered, Obama himself did the same thing on the floor of the UN days later. Obama has mounted a furious defense of his regime’s actions and statements in these last two months; yet, nobody has asked Obama why he hasn’t come out with a furious, and unconditional, defense of one of the bulwarks of this country, free speech. Oh, he’s mentioned it, in an obligatory yet dismissive manner. But every time Obama has kinda sorta mentioned how he thinks free speech is alleged to be of paramount importance to Americans, Obama qualified it by saying how wrong it was to supposedly “besmirch” Islam despite the fact that the terrorists who murdered our people in Benghazi (and everywhere else since 9/11/2001 and before) did so in the name of Islam. Obama had no problem exercising his rights to free speech by coordinating his people to knowingly lie about Mitt Romney. But woe be to those Americans who dare to exercise their rights when it could cause Obama to look like the lying, incompetent, foolish jerk that he is (I stand by my calling him that; it’s a lot better than what he’s called Romney and others who don’t agree with him); we know this to be true since the American primarily responsible for the video was hunted down by the regime. At no time have I ever heard him really defend free speech, and at no time, especially yesterday, has the media called him on it.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.