What Democrat Feminism Has Wrought

Contrary to popular opinion, the 2012 Presidential Election was not about demographics. Yet, we are told how Mitt Romney and Republicans didn’t and don’t reach out to various groups who would vote for Democrats anyway; I provide a list of those groups here. The one group on the list that is à propos to this post is the one I called “slutty women”. Since the 1960s, this group has been embraced by Democrat feminists, Democrats in Hollywood and the media, and the Democratic Party to the point where Democrat politicians want to offer these women, at taxpayer expense, “free”, “no consequence” sex with multiple partners. The HHS Obamacare contraceptive/abortifacient mandate, a willful violation of the Free Exercise Clause, is the latest offspring of this pandering. The Medicaid and Obamacare laws would have legalized federal taxpayer funding of all abortions up until the birth of a baby, something the fanatical, pro-abortion extremist Obama wholeheartedly supports, if it weren’t for the Hyde Amendment (the Obamacare legislation disregards the Hyde Amendment; it took Obama’s weak Executive Order, which I figure he will withdraw at some point in the next four years, to have Obamacare subject to the Hyde Amendment, provided the Hyde Amendment continues to be passed every year). What is really galling is how Democrat feminists lie, as Democrats are wont to do, about how Republicans want to take away women’s rights to vote, have careers, to be equally protected under the law. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the biggest lie from Democrat feminists is that they say they support those items. The truth is, Democrat feminists believe in only one thing, which I had mentioned above: for women to have, at taxpayer expense, “free”, “no consequence” sex with multiple partners.

There is a great irony here. These radical Democrat feminists have whined and complained for decades about how men think with their libidos. The irony is that Democrat feminists are turning women into the men they whine and complain about. Equality. Ain’t it great? Read on.

There is no doubt men have historically had the upper hand in regards to sex. Various religions, including the Islam of today, have encouraged men to have multiple wives. In ancient Rome, males were only allowed to be married to one woman. However, wives existed to have legitimate children; patrician and plebeian men were also encouraged to find sexual satisfaction elsewhere. In the Western world under the auspices of Christianity, men and women have been told to believe that sex should be confined within the bounds of marriage; of course, there was always a quiet double standard as men were not looked down upon if they discreetly had sex with other women, while at the same time women could be executed for having sex with someone other than their husband (this is still the case in many Islamic nations); the population of Europe is replete with descendents of illegitimate children fathered by various kings, emperors, and nobles. Even today, some men who have “strayed” from the marriage bed don’t suffer all that much from their decisions (e.g., Bill Clinton, David Vitter); this is especially bad when the leaders of the various denominations of the Christian faith turn a blind eye to such actions.

In the present, women are far less likely to suffer from any cultural consequences for having sex outside of marriage. And to be honest, I don’t believe it would be right culturally or legally to punish or stigmatize women, or men for that matter, for doing so (I don’t have a problem if a Christian denomination does, provided they treat the matter equally for both men and women, which hasn’t always been the case). My biggest concern is for the parties involved to accept responsibility for their actions in the event something unexpected occurs following a sexual encounter.

But for the Democrat feminists and politicians, that isn’t enough. Through the culture and through policy, these Democrats encourage women to think with their libidos, while at the same time they are in the process of feminizing men. Thanks to LBJ’s “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” monstrosities, and the Supreme Court creating a right out of whole cloth in Roe v. Wade, Democrats have decided to replace the double standard for men with a double standard for women for all kinds of things, especially for consequences resulting from sex between a man and a woman.

Democrats, including black Democrats, encouraged poor women, especially poor, black women, to have children out of wedlock in order to get an increase in the money they received from welfare checks sent by the federal government. I have little doubt this will come back thanks to Obama gutting the Clinton/Gingrich welfare reform changes from the 1990s.

In the Casey v. Planned Parenthood case, a man doesn’t have to be notified if the woman he got pregnant aborts a child they both conceived. This includes a wife’s husband, regardless of who the wife had sex with to conceive the child, even the husband.

With Obamacare, the new double standard is applied as well as women, funded by federal taxpayers, are to be provided with “free” contraception and abortifacients, all in the name of “reproductive equality” or “reproductive health” or some such nonsense. But not men. Obama and the Democrats brought out spokesmouth Sandra Fluke who, aided and abetted by Democrats, lied before Congress about the Catholic Georgetown University’s eeeevil student health insurance that denied coverage for contraception, even if required for medical reasons and not to prevent a pregnancy; it turns out that the Georgetown policy did have an exception in place for just such an occurence. To this day, Fluke has not once retracted her lie, nor have Democrats (she’s lucky she didn’t testify under oath before a real committee, or she could be hit with perjury charges; since she was a law student at Georgetown, I have no doubt she knew the university’s health insurance did exactly the opposite of what she stated in her testimony).

And as I had mentioned earlier, if Obama were to have his way, and he may very well do it now that he’s in office for four more years, he would make sure every woman has “access” to “free” abortions, funded completely by federal taxpayer dollars.

At the same time Democrat politicians and feminists are encouraging women to behave in a sexually irresponsible manner, they show “outrage” when the word “slut” is used against the women who do; whether ol’ Sandra Fluke is or was a slut, I can’t say since I don’t know her personally. But it’s still OK for them to call a man who engages in similar behavior a “pig” or something similarly derogatory. Of course, hypocrisy is SOP for Democrats.

The bottom line is, Republicans don’t have to pander to Democrat feminists who wouldn’t vote for a Republican in the first place. It’s pointless to discuss anything with these Democrat voters since they only think with their libidos, not anything else.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.