Let The Riots Begin

So now we are in a lame-duck session of Congress. Before the end of the year, I’ve heard the debt ceiling needs to be raised. Again. Naturally, the crook running the Senate has said he wants “compromise”, meaning he wants Republicans to cave in on raising tax rates before the current tax rates go up in January. If I were Speaker Boehner, and it’s too bad he isn’t me, I’d send the House home for the remainder of the term and keep the ceiling in place. After all, wasn’t it Obama who said voting is the best revenge? Which is really funny since Obama made it a point to not vote for much of anything when he was a legislator. Well, not voting for increasing the debt ceiling would be great revenge too.

The morons who voted to keep Obama in office and Democrats running the Senate want to turn this country into present-day, riot-prone Greece. When the government can’t send the checks they are required to, it will be interesting to see if these Democrat-voting morons will be like the deadbeats in Greece and start rioting. It is what they voted for.

Apparently, the only thing Democrat voters understand is brutality. Instead of we conservatives doing something that would violate our principles, it would be better to let Democrat voters brutally beat up each other when their government checks stop coming in. Then maybe these dummies will see what it is to keep voting for Democrats, especially lying POS progressives.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.

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