America, United States of; July 4, 1776 - November 6, 2012; R.I.P.

While it hasn’t happened yet where I live, the sun will come up this morning. But it comes up whether people or countries die. And America, along with the U.S. Constitution, died yesterday.

To all you conservatives who are doubling down on fighting for the GOP, why? Yesterday showed why the GOP is known as the Stupid Party. Now it is the Dead Party. Does anyone honestly think John Boehner as Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell as Senate Minority Leader will actually fight the Democrats or fight for the Constitution? Puh-leeeeze. These guys only care about winning their own next election (McConnell has to defend his seat in 2014), just like their Democrat counterparts. They are as unconservative as they come. Yet, they will retain their “leadership” positions.

More importantly, Obama has no interest in the Constitution, other than to criminally subvert it as he has done. Subvert it he will. There is nothing Boehner or McConnell can do to stop him, nor will they; and we already know Harry Reid has no intention of preventing Obama’s subversion.

Worse, take a look at the Supreme Court. Scalia and Kennedy are both 76 years old. Chances are good both will retire before Obama is supposed to be out of office. Does anyone in their right mind believe a criminal like Obama has any interest in appointing Justices in the Thomas/Scalia mold? He hasn’t put in anyone like that in the lower courts, with assistance from McConnell. Considering Chief Justice Roberts sold his soul to allow Obamacare to stand, I have no doubt Obama would replace Scalia and Kennedy with those who have no interest in upholding America’s religious rights and allow the contraception/abortifacient mandate to stand. And as with FDR’s Supreme Court appointments, the harm to freedom from more Obama-appointed Justices will get worse as time goes on.

But I reserve my venom to the idiots stupid enough to “re-elect” a hyperpartisan, incompetent thug to another four years (or more) in the White House. As with the Constitution, Obama has shown he has absolutely no interest in governing and only knows how to do two things, win elections and ruling like an emperor. Enough morons bought it. Again. It didn’t make a difference that Obama’s gun control policies killed two federal agents and roughly 300 Mexicans; it didn’t make a difference that Obama’s pro-Islamist policies led to the first death of a U.S. Ambassador in nearly 35 years, along with three other brave Americans; it didn’t make a difference that Obama illegally appointed officials to various positions; it didn’t make a difference that Obama and Democrats forced through a “health” care “plan” the majority of the country hates; it didn’t matter that Obama’s “economic” policies and Bernanke’s monetary policies have done nothing but further harm the financial futures of all Americans; it didn’t matter that Obama lied to thuggishly smear Mitt Romney and half the country; again, enough morons bought Obama’s garbage to get four more years of the same. Despite all the “analysis” from GOP/conservative pundits, I can’t say what Mitt Romney did wrong to lose the election. Logically, Obama was toast. But logic didn’t matter as the 2012 election shows how stupid a majority of American voters are, the morons who voted for Obama and those who didn’t bother to vote for Romney.

What I worry about is a repeat of the terms of office of Obama’s fellow failed past Democrat Presidents. Forget Carter; I’m referring to Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. With a compliant Congress, these two further divided the United States to such an extent it put the country on the path to the Civil War.

In a reverse paraphrase the “First” Lady, I’ve never been ashamed of this country until now.

R.I.P. U.S. of A. R.I.P. the United States Constitution.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.