Obama Criminalizes Blasphemy Against Islam

As reported in a lot of places, the man who created a film several months ago that was critical of Islam has been arrested. The police will say he was brought in for questioning on a possible probation violation. But considering how the Obama regime has been trying its damnedest to track down the man who made the film and demanded that Google take the film down (to their credit, they didn’t), it is clear Obama has made it a federal crime when someone commits blasphemy against Islam. And they’ve enlisted the Democrat media propaganda machine to help root out this blasphemy, which includes assisting the regime making sure the American people know that the recent riots and terrorist murders in the Middle East were due solely to this film.

Now, the terrorists have stated unequivocally that the reason why they murdered an American ambassador was to get revenge for the drone killing, ordered by Obama, of an Al Qaeda bigwig. And as I mentioned above, the Obama regime wants us to believe this film is the only reason for the riots. However, that leads to questions about other films. Million-dollar Obama donor Bill Maher released a film not too long ago that not only trashed Christianity, but also Islam. Another filmmaker is putting out a pro-Obama propaganda movie, full of highly classified information leaked by Obama, about how the current President killed the biggest of Al Qaeda bigwigs, Osama bin Laden. Will the regime start making threatening moves to have these films censored and those involved with making them arrested, even if just to put them in protective custody?

Of course, the reason for these egregious violations of the Constitution by Obama and his regime are just another cover up of another of Obama’s failures, this time with his foreign policy and how he handles intel. But it does something else, too. Obama may be unwittingly trying to promote the stereotype that all Muslims in the Middle East are psychopaths. Obama would have the American people believe that if an American exercises their God-given rights to free speech by criticizing Islam, this will cause all Middle East Muslims to run amok, because they are all crazed according to Obama and his regime, and put Americans at risk. The reality is the criticism of Islam puts his Muslim outreach policy at risk, and Obama will ignore the Constitution he swore to defend and reward terrorists in order to make sure his policy is successful so that he can add this “success” to his re-election campaign.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.

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