Sandra Fluke a Typical Democrat Wannabe Politician; She's a Liar

I don’t know if 30-year old Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke is a slut. But she’s already exhibited all that is needed to be a politician in the Democrat Party; Fluke’s a liar.

Via Steve Gilbert, Alana Goodman of Commentary Magazine has a policy letter from Georgetown’s President John DeGioia [emphasis mine]:

As you know, like most universities, Georgetown requires that students have health insurance. Students are not required to purchase their health insurance through Georgetown University and are free to acquire health insurance through a third party. The student plan offered by Georgetown is consistent with our Catholic and Jesuit identity and does not cover prescription contraceptives for birth control. It does provide coverage for these prescriptions for students who require them for health reasons unrelated to birth control, as determined by a physician.

Through Democrats in Congress, Fluke tried to make all kinds of claims of how women were being denied access to “health care”, causing women to lose their ovaries due to Georgetown’s Catholic-based health insurance. It was obvious hyperbole; now Fluke’s statement, and that of Democrats (including Obama and health Kommisar Sebelius), is a proven lie. Expect Fluke to move up higher in Democrat circles.

But if I were President DeGioia, I’d make it a point to find out what Fluke actually knows about the law and determine if she is actually going to earn a law degree.

Read the rest of Gilbert’s and Goodman’s pieces.

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