Are Karl Rove and Allahpundit Trying to Give Obama Another 4 Years?

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit here. But it doesn’t help when Karl Rove, aided and abetted by Allahpundit, seeks to give us another 4 years of tyranny under Barack Obama. Either Allahpundit is just an extreme contrarian, or he is in desperate need of an intervention:

Dude, Iā€™m nervous.

Or maybe I’m the one needing the intervention.

Allahpundit expresses another possibility as well:

On the one hand, how seriously should we take a projection that has South Carolina as a toss-up? Maybe this is Rove knowing that his map will get attention and using it to scare conservatives into donating and GOTV volunteering.

I find that to be a distinct possibility.

Allahpundit links to some Obama-worshiping Huffpo loser who believes Obama will win 298 electoral votes. I would discount it because I don’t believing any Obama-supporting hack will tell the truth on anything related to their god-king.

We have the most incompetent, hyper-partisan, mean-spirited loser for a President. The only reasonable thing Obama’s done was to kill bin Laden. But every other policy of his is either a flip-flop of what he said in 2008 (he’s out-flipped “Flipper” Kerry) or an outright failure. Telling the truth is anathema to Obama and the regime. And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t find Obama all that likable.

It was establishment Republican Rove who helped push Romney on us. And this is what we get? I understand it’s early, but come on.

And if all Rove is doing is attempting to drive up hit points, he should be rewarded with none (I didn’t pull up the link Allahpundit provided).

I’m as skeptical as they come, but there is no reason this election shouldn’t be a cakewalk for Romney. It doesn’t help when Rove (and Sen. McConnell, in his tussle with Erick Erickson) tries to prove why the GOP is known as the Stupid Party. If Rove doesn’t want to help, then maybe he should just go back to Texas and sit this one out.

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