Dear Ashley

Hollywood liberal Ashley Judd proclaims herself a “victim” in the “War on Women”. No, not the “war” Democrats/liberals/progressives say is being waged by Republicans/conservatives; this war is the one that’s been going on for decades by her fellow liberals, men and women, the real misogynists. But actually, this is an inner war Ashley is fighting with herself, and her screed is more of a whine to cast blame on others (the culture; the “Patriarchy”, whatever that is) for her feelings. Ace has an extremely long post fisking Judd in detail. Robert Stacy McCain weighs in as well, in a much more succinct manner. Here’s my take.

Dear Ashley,

Let me start by saying that I only know of you as the Hollywood liberal wife of racing car driver Dario Franchitti (who is an excellent driver and I do enjoy watching him drive). Without looking it up, I couldn’t tell you what I’ve seen you in, if anything.

I read your piece the other day in The Daily Beast. I found it extremely self-indulgent; the piece is a “woe is me” pity party, something worthy of a whiny teenage girl, not an adult. You work in Hollywood as an entertainer which, by its nature, requires you to be physically attractive in order to get work; if you’re exceptionally talented, you can keep getting work. Except for an extremely small minority of people, Hollywood entertainers get work solely due to their looks. This isn’t a modern phenomenon; for thousands of years, being an entertainer required one to be good looking in order to attract an audience. It’s just the way it’s always been.

The “Patriarchy”, as you call it, is made up of your fellow liberals, and only those who follow Hollywood and the entertainment industry. It isn’t fair that some of your fellow liberals act catty and put you down; but, who said life is fair? You whine about the objectification of women; yet, the business you’re in requires this objectification. In fact, it was this objectification by your fellow liberals that mostly got you where you are. You may not like that but it is the truth.

You think you are making a statement for “feminism”. How? As I mentioned above, you work in a field that requires objectification of both men and women, and up until now (apparently) it’s worked for you. The problem you are having now isn’t with how others see you, but how you see yourself.

And don’t go blaming the culture for how you’re feeling. Like me, most people have a passing interest in you personally, even if we enjoy the work you do. We enjoy you for how you entertain us and temporarily distract us, and that’s pretty much it. We don’t want bad things happening to you, but for the most part we don’t indulge in your life either.

You are a Hollywood liberal. The people who you think are attacking you are also Hollywood liberals. If there are any people you need to be annoyed with, it’s your fellow liberals who make it a point to involve themselves in your life, not the rest of us.

P.S. Tell your husband I hope he has good luck this season.

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