Misogynist Marxists

Don Surber, a brave soul, ventured into the land of the “community-based reality” and plucked out this gem, “Access To Birth Control Is A Fundamental Component Of Climate Survival.” Ignoring the ridiculous premise (and title), here are a few things that need to be pointed out.

Did you ever notice how progressives, of both sexes, those who supposedly believe in equality, put the onus on women to take care of contraception? I mean, a guy can dump $10 into one of those condom machines you find in the public restroom of a gas station. Or just go to the drug store to pick up a box. But progressives would rather make the woman take care of it. I would suspect they would make the women get their tubes tied rather than have the men get vasectomies.

I also notice how progressives complain about how existing institutions like the Catholic Church should use their own money or taxpayer dollars to support the policies promoted by misogynist progressives. They never use their own money to buy up all the condoms needed and distribute them for free, do they?

That’s because progressive men want a free ride through life, to be as irresponsible as they want to be without having to pay for anything themselves. Worse, progressive women are stupid enough to let them get away with it.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.