Democrats Sure Are Confusing

Newt Gingrich has raised a ruckus after calling Barack Obama the “Food Stamp President.” It’s an accurate statement since there has been a 44% increase in food stamp recipients since Obama took office. Apparently, however, Democrats haven’t figured out how to coordinate their messaging regarding Gingrich’s statement to determine if Gingrich is a typically racist Republican (since we all are, right?) or not.

Big mouth Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee insists Gingrich is using “code words” like food stamps to mask the racism Republicans use to divide the nation along racial lines. Also according to the “eminent” Democrat:

To say children in New York should “pick up a broom and work…is a code word to, if you will, portray poor children and poor school districts that they have seen no one work legitimately,” she said.

So to Sheila Jackson Lee, “work” is another “code word” for racism. I see. Well, I for one am glad she explained it. Although I have to wonder about that since I see all kinds of people from various ethnic backgrounds who…you know…work. Silly me; I should have realized the truth of Sheila Jackson Lee’s community-based reality.

But here is where I get confused, being a troglodytic Neanderthal all of us conservatives are, not able to see the nuance in the world. According to MSLSD’s Lawrence O’Donnell, it’s not that we’re racists; it’s that the evil genius Gingrich is playing us for fools:

There’s a tremendous amount of cynicism in Gingrich’s use of food stamps because of what he actually know that his Republican debate audiences do not know. His Republican audiences do not know that most people on food stamps are white. His Republican audiences don’t know that most people use it temporarily, and, most importantly, his Republican audiences don’t know what Newt does know which is there would be no food stamps in America were it not for Republican Senator Bob Dole who held the key to making the food stamp program happen.

Oh boy is my tiny, unnuanced brain about to explode. Democrats tell us that Americans who are black need and want food stamps because those Americans don’t have the opportunity to get jobs to earn the money needed to buy basic foodstuffs, as is the case with all Americans who are white and the other colors of the rainbow. But when Republicans mention to Americans who are black that they shouldn’t be demanding food stamps, Democrats say that’s racist, even though Democrats have told us that Americans who are black do demand food stamps. When mean Republicans want the federal government to reduce food stamps, Democrats say that’s also racist. Yet, it turns out more Americans who are white receive food stamps than American who are black. Supposedly, Gingrich supporters don’t know this; therefore, da-deep, da-deep, da-deep, da-deep, blah, blah, blah…

See what I mean?

All of this was meant to highlight another blatant example of how Democrats in the media and in Washington will shamelessly throw out the race card on a whim. We know why, and they know why. Barack Obama is an utter failure as President, while Democrats in Congress are utter failures at governing. They have nothing. In fact, all they have is less than nothing since that’s what their race card is.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.