Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! This is a day to bless God and thank Him for all that He’s given us and all that we have. But most especially, for giving us a place, a country, where we can do these things. We need to hold on to it as best we can, just so we do have a place to worship Him and give Him thanks, and fend off those who would deprive us of this right.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I moved out of the Chicago suburbs into Northwest Arkansas, smack dab in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. Best decision I believe we ever made. So for that, I am first thankful for having the privilege of being married to her. I am thankful for having a loving family, on both my side and her side. I am thankful for all the friends we have and how welcoming they are. And finally, I am thankful for having been born in the United States. I mean, you can move from the city, to the suburbs, to the country, to wherever life leads you. That is a gift.

So to everyone, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!