What Country Did Bill Clinton Think He Was President Of?

This has to be the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile, and the fact that it is coming from the loony goons at Think Progress is dripping with irony: “Clinton: ‘There Is Not A Single Solitary Example’ Of A Country That Has Succeeded With A Tea Party Philosophy“. As it is campaign season, Clinton is doing what Democrats do, putting the interests of the Democratic Party ahead of the American people, and lying.

Case in point:

You know, there’s not a single solitary example on the planet, not one, of a country that is succesful because the economy has triumphed over the government and choked it off and driven the tax rates to zero, driven the regulations to nonexistent and abolished all government programs, except for defense, so people in my income group never have to pay a nickel to see a cow jump over the moon.

Oh, I can think of a country like that. In fact, I believe Clinton was President of that country for eight years. Maybe the effects of all those years of philandering have finally gone to Bubba’s brain, much like it did to Al Capone. Perhaps Clinton forgot that there was no federal income tax in the United States (with the exception of the Civil War years) until after the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. And the U.S. triumphed mightily for all those years prior to a federal income tax. So it’s obvious that while Bubba and Think Progress believe conservatives and Tea Partiers engage in “non-fact-based political debate”, they ignore the facts about this country. Go figure.

I am a conservative. Like the tens of millions of other conservatives in this country, I understand the need for the government to tax us, and pass laws, and regulate coherently, and so on and so forth. I also understand the Constitution, that it requires the government to protect the God-given rights we have as individual Americans, and this protection is paid for with…guess what…taxes. Democrats want the American people to be dependent on government, even if that means that it’s at the expense of the rights of the people.

What I have to wonder, though, is Clinton doing this to help Obama, or to prepare for a primary challenge from Hillary? Inquiring minds want to know…