"If you listen to fools,"...

This needs to be the conservatives’ fight song for battling the Fleebaggers and public employee union thugs. Since I am a devotee of heavy metal, this is perfect. Turn it way up.

Inspired by Michelle Malkin:

When rules are lobbed, mobs rule.

This was taken while the great Ronnie James Dio was alive. The song was originally recorded on the album of the same name when Dio was with Black Sabbath (it was their second album together). The video above includes all the members of Black Sabbath from that time (Dio, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist “Geezer” Butler, drummer Vinnie Appice), but they had gone out on this tour with the band name Heaven & Hell, to distinguish it from Black Sabbath when singer Ozzy Osbourne and drummer Bill Ward would play with Iommi and Butler.