High-Speed Rail Statists Fomenting Florida Voter Disenfranchisment

Statists in the federal government and in Florida are pretty upset with Republican Gov. Rick Scott canceling Florida’s high-speed rail project. The statists are so upset they are willing to ignore the election that put Scott into office to keep the boondoggle alive. It would be comical if it weren’t so dangerous.

As reported by the Miami Herald, one of the leaders of these statists is Republican Rep. John Mica, Chairman of the House Transportation Committee:

U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, floated a proposal to dramatically shrink the project to an Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World link, cutting Tampa and Lakeland out of the mix, for now.

But it gets better. By better, I mean worse.

Remember, the whole point of high-speed rail is that it’s fast for long distances. But not in statist world:

Mica, who chairs the House transportation committee, said an initial 21-mile starter train, with a stop at the Orange County Convention Center, shows the best ridership potential and could even turn a profit.


The shorter distance likely would take much of the high speed out of high-speed rail in Florida.

We’ve gone from the sublime to the surreal. To prove HSR can be profitable, they are going to build a short HSR track knowing the trains can’t possibly travel at high speeds and has a stop in between a 21-mile stretch of track. Oh that’s just freakin’ brilliant.

Also, Florida Democrats and the federal government are looking at ways of subverting the Florida state government [emphasis mine]:

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, shared a legal opinion from Tampa City Attorney Chip Fletcher. It contends that there are a variety of ways local governments could team up to create an umbrella government to accept grant money and oversee the rail project. And Fletcher’s opinion states that either the Florida Department of Transportation or the Legislature could assign the federal grant money over to the newly created agency.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood gave state lawmakers a week to come up with a plan to keep the money from going to other states.

“And since Secretary LaHood gave us one week from today, everyone went to work today,” Castor said.

Just as in Wisconsin, Florida voters elected Gov. Scott to rein in government spending and we have officials intent on ignoring those election results in order to benefit the Democratic Party and some Republicans at the expense of the voters. This is the ultimate form of voter disenfranchisement. Even though everyone knows there is no way to keep taxpayers at the state and federal level from having to endlessly subsidize this boondoggle, statists are proceeding faster than the train Mica wants built. The same statists who are lying about Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) destroying democracy are willing to destroy the democratic will of Florida’s voters by lying and cheating their way into this project.