The Dem Temper Tantrum In Wisconsin

Am I missing something here? Wasn’t there an election this past November where Republicans replaced Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature and governor’s office? I think there was. Members of the Democratic Party and their union thug allies are ignoring the results of that election where Wisconsin voters elected a Republican legislature and Gov. Scott Walker to clean up the out-of-control spending in the state. As a result, Wisconsin Democrats and their thug union allies have abandoned their jobs to protest.

Here’s a question that Democrats will never answer: isn’t there supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people? Apparently not. According to the thugs, it’s a government of, by, and for unionized public employees, their unions, and members of the Democratic Party, the people who pay the bills be damned.

Walker and the Republicans are trying to save public employee jobs. By demanding unionized public employees pay into their own retirement and health insurance, Walker wants these employees to do what the vast majority of private sector workers have to do; the Governor doesn’t even want these public employees to pay as much for those things as private sector employees have to. While I can understand people getting upset at having their take-home pay reduced, these public employees, along with the unions and Democratic Party at the state and national level (there goes that Obama again, butting in), threw a major temper tantrum. These petulant children, most of whom seem to be “teachers” (it’s in quotes for a reason), quit their jobs (that’s my way of putting; I’ll clarify later) to protest the actions of Walker and the Republicans; Democratic state Senators left Madison to keep a vote from occurring and union thugs have been threatening Walker and other Republicans with violence and intimidating their families. These “protesters” walk around with their signs calling Walker Hitler and Hosni Mubarak. After hearing for weeks how conservatives are responsible for what that jerk Krugman calls “eliminationist rhetoric” and Jared Loughner’s murders, we get to see the left for the haters they truly are.

Here’s another question the Democrats and their bussed-in bully boys and girls will never answer, although it’s right there for all to see. Do they know why ten times the number of people didn’t show up to counter the “protesters”? Here’s the answer: BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE AT THEIR JOBS SO THEY CAN PAY THE TAXES THAT ARE USED TO PAY THE SALARIES AND WAGES OF THOSE MISCREANT PUBLIC EMPLOYEES AND ELECTED OFFICIALS WHO WALKED OFF THEIR JOBS!!! Those working don’t have the “luxury” these unionized bastards and their state Senate Democratic masters have to waste time. But do those who abandoned their posts care about that? NO!!! It’s just “gimme, gimme, gimme”, as if they have a right to fleece their bosses, the taxpayers!!!

I still remember when President Reagan had his run-in with the air traffic controllers from the PATCO union. When they went on strike, he declared they had walked off their jobs and quit, not allowing them to come back to their jobs. That is exactly what happened here. Regardless of whether or not the bill Walker wants is passed, Walker needs to do the same: declare that these public employee union “workers” have quit their jobs and tell their supervisors to start hiring replacements. It also means that those who have been determined to have quit can’t claim any unemployment benefits, so there isn’t any extra cost to the state. This needs to be the price these people pay for their illegal strike.

As I mentioned, there seems to be an awful large number of people claiming to be teachers who’ve walked off from their jobs to be at these protests. Well, take a look at the video below from Greta Van Susteren’s show last night (via Vodpod):

When I first heard this child, I was upset at him. But that was wrong. All he was doing war regurgitating the leftist filth spewed from a political activist masquerading as his teacher because it’s quite obvious this boy has no idea who pays that activist’s salary, since he doesn’t. I hope his parents are watching so they can set him right, that it is they who are the bosses of the teachers, not the other way around.

I’m hoping the Wisconsin Republicans stand firm and get this measure voted in. Then Walker needs to declare that those unionized public employees who have engaged in this illegal strike have quit their jobs and are not allowed to return. We, as conservatives, need to offer all of them as much support as we can, along with looking to vote out of office every single Democrat in Wisconsin, since it’s obvious they have no interest in working for the people or to follow the Constitution.