Thanks For Nothing, Barry: The "Diversity is Perversity" Edition

You know, there are still a lot of people who believe President Obama is a Muslim (I’m with Ann Coulter; I think he’s an atheist). He insists he’s a Christian who prays frequently. Members of the Democrat media keep bringing this up to various Republicans and conservatives, usually with a birther question to go with it, in order to keep this going as an issue to embarrass conservatives and help Obama’s re-election.

Then, I read stories like this from the Christian Science Monitor and I have to wonder if Obama really is a closet Muslim.

Obama, not content with screwing up our allies in the Middle East, he wants to do the same with our allies in Europe [emphasis mine]:

After two years of trying, human rights activist Abdelaziz Dahhassi realized his dream late last year of setting up a think tank to find new ways to fight ethnic and religious discrimination in France. But it was the US State Department, and not the French government, that helped Mr. Dahhassi’s Lyon-based Association for the Convergence of Respect and Diversity finally get off the ground.

Obama has the State Department peddling multiculturalism to help Muslims in France. But it gets better…by better, I mean worse [emphasis mine]:

Dahhasi sees that vision as a pragmatic one that has done much to promote minorities and erase barriers between ethnic groups. He says he especially admires American affirmative-action programs and wants to study whether they would work in France.

But there’s a problem [emphasis mine]:

The question is widely considered taboo in France, because the Constitution enshrines equality by stating that race and ethnicity do not exist. By extension, affirmation action programs cannot exist without violating the Constitution.

What the leftists in this country fail to understand is that race and ethnicity don’t actually exist in our Constitution, and that U.S. affirmative action programs would, under normal circumstances, violate the Equal Protection Clause. But these aren’t normal circumstances in the U.S. where activist judges and Justices claim some people have more rights than others and have enshrined that into our law. So, now our leftists want to export this travesty overseas; in this case, France. And naturally, with taxpayer dollars and money borrowed from that other paragon of “diversity”, China.

Just listen to the arrogance dripping from the pen of Obama’s elitist slugs:

A series of diplomatic cables revealed by the antisecrecy website WikiLeaks show that the current US ambassador in France, Charles Rivkin, has adopted an even more ambitious agenda meant to “amplify France’s efforts to realize its own egalitarian ideals, thereby advancing US national interests.”

“While France is justifiably proud of its leading role in conceiving democratic ideals and championing human rights and the rule of law, French institutions have not proven themselves flexible enough to adjust to an increasingly heterodox demography,” Mr. Rivkin wrote in January 2010. “We believe that if France, over the long run, does not successfully increase opportunity and provide genuine political representation for its minority populations, France could become a weaker, more divided country, perhaps more crisis-prone and inward-looking, and consequently a less capable ally.”

Where the hell did Obama dig this clown Rivkin up? Oh…silly question. This Rivkin appears to be an Obama clone.

And why is the Obama administration getting involved in French internal politics? It’s a hoot:

American support for Dahhasi’s association is part of a broader program of public diplomacy created across Europe after the 9/11 attacks on the US to diffuse the threat of terrorism. A US embassy official in Paris says it was designed to “create mutual understanding” and to “show people there’s no good reason to fly airplanes into skyscrapers.”

These people refuse to believe the real reason why 19 Islamist vermin flew airplanes into our buildings. They weren’t looking for mutual understanding; the terrorists were trying to implement Osama bin Laden’s vision of re-establishing the Islamist caliphate starting in the Middle East and the U.S. was in the way. These were people involved in criminally illegal acts of war. But Obama and his dummies are still living in the psychobabble world where society is responsible for creating criminals, thus negating a criminal’s responsibility for his/her own behavior.

Even after much of Europe is finally rejecting multiculturalism, including President Nicholas Sarkozy in France, the administration keeps the blinders on, with our tax dollars no less:

Over the next several months, US embassy staff will work with Dahhassi to secure funds and expertise from public and private US sources to help establish the think tank’s program.

So, the administration isn’t listening. Sounds like how they responded to the majority of Americans who didn’t want Obamacare passed; the administration ignored them, too.

France is quite unlike the United States; like most of Europe, it is an old, homogeneous society that hasn’t responded well to immigration. It’s attempt at multiculturalism is a failure; they’ve finally recognized that. The French government, just as the British and other European governments, understand that the best way for immigrants to succeed in France those immigrants will have to become French. That doesn’t mean immigrants can’t worship freely or bring in the good values of the nations they left; but the French do things a certain way that works for France, something the immigrants have to integrate themselves into.

Although the U.S. has a much newer society compared to many of the countries in the world, we too have our ways that make America work, the American way. Multiculturalism isn’t just a failure in countries where the society is old; it’s a failure here too. But the U.S. has so many arrogant elitists, including Obama and his minions, who believe they and they alone know what is best for everyone else in this country and will ignore all dissent to their views. And now, they are spreading their arrogance to France. You have to wonder where else these idiots have put in this infestation.

You also have to wonder whether or not Obama is actually catering to extremist Muslims, doing so at the expense of those who are friends of ours. He’s wrecked Mubarak (and possibly Egypt, although the jury is still out on that), said nothing about Hezbollah taking over Lebanon, coddles the Assad regime in Syria, and appeases the mad mullahs and Ahmadinejad in Iran. And he’s still attempting to strongarm Israel.

What a disaster.