Republican Gov. To Obama Administration: Keep Your Train Money

A couple of months ago, the Orlando Sentinel put out an unnamed editorial slamming incoming Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) for indicating he might kill the Orlando to Tampa high-speed rail project the U.S. Transportation Department and the Obama administration wanted built. Today, Scott said “thanks, but no thanks” to Sec. Ray LaHood and told the Obama administration to keep their $2 billion.

I went through my own dissertation (read it to get a background) on why this was nothing more than a costly boondoggle that the Sentinal insisted was Free! Free!!! FREE!!! As confirmed today:

Scott said he believes that ridership and revenue projections tend to be too optimistic and would likely require ongoing state government subsidies.

Worse for the state:

Finally, Scott noted, that if the project went belly-up, Florida would be required to refund the federal government’s investment in the project.

Florida joins Wisconsin and Ohio in rejecting the efforts to give free train rides to Joe Biden.