Florida High-Speed Rail and the 17th Amendment

Following on my post from earlier today, William March of the Tampa Tribune posted this:

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has just talked with Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood about financing the Tampa-Orlando bullet-train rail without the state government’s participation, according to an announcement from Nelson’s office.

So here we have a Democratic U.S. Senator going against the wishes of the state and the Republican governor. When the Founders put together the Constitution, the Senators would be selected by the state governments to best represent the needs of the state. After the 17th Amendment was passed, Senators’ loyalties were transferred to those who could help them get elected, even if it negatively affected the state the Senator was supposed to represent. This is what we have here with Nelson trying to go around the state he represents to make sure a pet project of the Democratic Party is implemented even though the state’s elected officials put the kabosh on it.

Nelson is up for re-election in 2012. Since the interest of his Party are more important than those of his constituents, let’s figure out how to make Nelson an ex-Senator.