There Are Two Types of Leftist Democrats: Misogynists and Racists

We all know about the left’s horrible attacks on Sarah Palin. Although I’m sure it’s not the first time, but the left isn’t fond of Herman Cain either. Not only because he is a successful conservative, but because he has committed the liberal crime of being a successful conservative who is black and not a Democrat. Via Power Line, lefty trash AlterNet (I won’t link to them) went full-blown into KKK mode in a scathing attack on Cain, calling the former Godfather’s Pizza Chairman and CEO a “black garbage pail kid”, a “minstrel”, a “mascot”, and a “monkey”. I kid you not.

The post, authored by someone using the pseudonym Chauncey DeVega, is one endless screech of projection. According to DeVega, being black and not towing the Democratic Party line means Cain is playing the part of a “Sambo” or “Uncle Tom”. So, Cain thinks differently than everyone else, but DeVega engages in some of the foulest racial attacks against Cain because Cain doesn’t blindly follow the dictates for Americans who are black as eschewed by leftist Democrats. Right.

The one thing I get from reading DeVega is that he/she is a racist, through and through. If DeVega is white, his/her attacks are classic KKK garbage in the mold of liberal Democrats Robert Byrd and Hugo Black. If black, DeVega hates all who aren’t black. Anybody who could treat black conservatives like DeVega does would say the same against fellow leftists of all races who don’t cater to Democrats who are black.

This is typical of the left. It happened when they have described Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell (before he became an Obama supporter), Condi Rice, Michael Steele, and Allan West. Same with Sarah Palin, Ginny Thomas, Michelle Bachmann, and other conservatives who are women. Leftists’ baser instincts take over when threatened by those who don’t adhere to their stereotypes.

On Cain’s Facebook page, he said this:

Please join me in condemning AlterNet for their shameful behavior towards me and all black conservatives. Special thanks to my friends Niger Innis, Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart for standing with me.

I wholeheartedly join Cain in condemning the racists at AlterNet for spewing their garbage, especially since AlterNet, as pointed out by John Hinderaker, claims it “confront[s] the failures of corporate media, as well as the vitriol and disinformation of right wing media, especially ‘hate talk’ media”. Talk about projection!!!