Obama’s Bipolar Democracy Policy, Part II

As I mentioned here, one has to wonder where President Obama is when it comes to democracy. When the protests in Egypt really got going, the administration muddled its way through making one contradictory statement after another. Finally, after Mubarak was out, Obama gave a speech where he said the following:

We stand ready to provide whatever assistance is necessary — and asked for — to pursue a credible transition to a democracy.

What democracy? Maybe the administration believes it knows more about what’s going on, although that is highly questionable as the recent performances of the heads of the government’s intelligence apparatus will attest. As far as assistance, Obama reduced aid to some Egyptian opposition groups and completely cut it from others. All of a sudden, it’s now important again as Obama announced an aid package for the opposition, although nobody knows how much or to whom it’s going.

And even though Obama says he wants Egypt to “pursue a credible transition to democracy,” is it true? Considering he just sanctioned a military coup, and a potentially illegal one at that (by all the things I’ve read), who knows. It’s obvious that it will be the military who ultimately decides this. If anything, Obama is using the Cloward-Piven playbook to a tee.

Not long after he became President, Obama had a chance to prove his “love” of democracy after protesters, mostly young people (Obama stressed this during his speech about Egypt), took to the streets of Tehran in June, 2009 following Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s appointment (not election) by the Iranian mad mullahs to remain Iran’s President. Where was our President when the Iranian people “demanded their universal rights”? Nowhere. He dragged his feet until finally making a statement late, after the protests were pretty much crushed by the Iranian equivalents of the Nazi Sturmabteilung (SA) and Schutzstaffel (SS). Obama kept insisting on trying to make it appear that the U.S. wouldn’t meddle in internal Iranian politics. Despite this, the mullahs, Ahmadinejad, and their cutthroats accused the U.S. of meddling anyway. Who couldn’t see that coming from a million miles away? Obviously not Obama.

June, 2009 hadn’t ended when another incident cropped up, this time in Honduras, a staunch U.S. ally. President Manuel Zelaya, a Castro-wannabe, tried to illegally change the Honduran Constitution so that he could run for another term in office (Presidents are only allowed to remain for one term). The Honduran military, required to get the ballots out, refused. The Supreme Court then ordered Zelaya arrested by the army and kicked out of the country. Other than Zelaya’s exile, it appears the Honduran government took all of the appropriate measures to make sure Zelaya could not run in the upcoming November elections. Additionally, the majority of the Honduran people supported the actions of their government. Immediately, the Obama administration denounced what happened and saying the U.S. wouldn’t support a government established by a supposed military coup d’etat; this wasn’t a coup, although nobody in the administration would say otherwise. Threats flew back and forth for awhile. Eventually an agreement was struck between the interim President Roberto Micheletti and Zelaya where Zelaya would stay on as President, but without any power. After the elections, Zelaya left Honduras and resides in the Dominican Republic.

It should be noted that one of the complaints of the left in this country and leftist leaders of many Latin and South American countries is how the U.S. has meddled too much in their affairs. Yet, no leftist in the U.S. complained about Obama’s meddling in Honduran politics, and in many cases, cheered when Obama wouldn’t meddle in Iranian politics even as that government’s thugs were illegally slaughtering people in the streets. Go figure.

And then came what happened to another U.S. ally, this time Egypt. From ABC News and the New York Times, we get a picture of Obama personally involving himself in Mubarak’s ouster. It didn’t matter that Mubarak had kept the peace with Israel for 30 years, nor were the considerations of other U.S. allies taken into account. Obama wanted Mubarak gone. The fact that it was done via a military coup was irrelevant, although Obama had no problem calling what happened in Honduras a military coup, an event orchestrated by the Honduran government with the backing of the Honduran people, even though it wasn’t.

It’s the same with Israel. How many times has Obama demanded Israel stop setting up living areas in its own capital city, Jerusalem? Never mind that the Palestinians really never made an issue of it until the Obama administration got involved.

It’s easy for Obama to try to use strongarm tactics against those who have been friends of the U.S. while he placates our enemies as they gun down 20-year old girls. But it doesn’t end there.

After Porkulus passed and Obama was gearing up to get Obamacare passed, the American people had had enough. Tea Party protests sprang up all over the U.S. It was as I described it in the post I linked to earlier, “Once a democracy is established, peaceful protests are a fine example of turning public opinion and influencing policy.” But not to our Dear Leader. No. He has spent most of the time, along with Democrats in Congress and his leftist sycophants, mocking Tea Party protesters, denigrating Tea Party protesters, patronizing Tea Party Protesters, and adopting the left’s insulting use of the phrase “teabaggers” against Tea Party Protesters. All the while, the Tea Party protesters remained peaceful, remained vigilant, and threw out of Congress the largest number of Democrats in quite a long time. Democracy. We have that here. We don’t know what they have in Egypt yet.

If you take a look at Obama’s speech, all those things he said about various Egyptian protesters have happened in the U.S. over the last two years. But Obama spent that time 1) chastising Tea Party protesters, and 2) ignoring their concerns completely. His fellow Americans. This can be seen in a pathetically stupid column by Bob Herbert in the New York Times (it’s a testament to how great the United States is when jerks like Herbert can get paid for being morons), one of Obama’s major sycophants. Herbert whines like a little girl about how “democracy…in the United States” is “on the ropes.” Excuse me? I think Herbert has been sitting in traffic behind buses spewing diesel exhaust for too long and he’s suffered serious brain damage. Did he miss the Tea Party protests the last two years? Apparently so since he never once mentions them in his pity party of a column. How does he end this ridiculous tripe? By mentioning his association with one of the worst America-hating vermin America produced:

I had lunch with the historian Howard Zinn just a few weeks before he died in January 2010. He was chagrined about the state of affairs in the U.S. but not at all daunted. “If there is going to be change,” he said, “real change, it will have to work its way from the bottom up, from the people themselves.”

I thought of that as I watched the coverage of the ecstatic celebrations in the streets of Cairo.

But when the American people spoke, protested, and voted, Herbert throws a temper tantrum like petulant child. Like I said, it’s a testament to how great the United States is when jerks like Herbert can get paid for being morons.

I hope Egypt does transition to a democracy that is a) truly free, b) keeps the peace with Israel, and c) remains a U.S. ally. They aren’t even a democracy yet after having overthrown a leader with a military coup. Apparently, that part doesn’t matter to Obama, even though he’s shown himself to be very hypocritical about what and whom he supports. We know it doesn’t matter to that pig Ahmadinejad; as the bastard has been cheering for Mubarak to be gone, he’s made sure his people knew as little about how it happened as possible. It’s quite amazing that Obama and his “friend” Ahmadinejad are on the same page, don’t ya think?

So here’s a suggestion. It’s not enough to keep protesting in order to make sure Republicans stick to their guns and get rid of Obama’s agenda and turn around the economy. Now it’s time to start protesting and demand Obama’s resignation, along with his entire administration. Now, as in yesterday. This is the standard Obama set; let’s see how he likes it.