From the Realm of the Bottom Feeders

Speaking of petulant children, the leftosphere is “up in arms” over the Chamber of Commerce allegedly targeting the “good folks” at Think Progress and the SEIU, other groups, along with Brad Friedman. Their real complaint is that the Chamber is doing to these lefties what the lefties do to conservatives.

Per the aptly named Crooks and Liars, the Chamber did this while leaving themselves with enough plausible deniability to avoid looking like it’s doing anything.

Here’s one of the funniest parts mentioned by the C&L folks:

Here are some of the proposals (PDF). One that caught my eye was this one:

Create a false document, perhaps highlighting periodical financial information, and monitor to see if USChamber Watch acquires it. Afterward, present explicit evidence proving that such transactions never occurred. Also, create a fake insider persona and generate communications with CtW. Afterward, release the actual documents at a specified time and explain the activity as a CtW contrived operation. Both instances will prove that US Chamber Watch cannot be trusted with information and/or tell the truth.

Got it. Plant a false document with financial information, wait for USChamberWatch to “acquire it”, and when they use the information, nail them for lying. Lie to them and then get them for lying.

Did these idiots ever hear of “bait cars”? Police use them all the time to trap car thieves: the cops will leave a car unlocked with the keys still in it; those who are not thieves will walk by it; crooks, usually stupid ones, will attempt to steal it. That’s similar to what the one group is proposing.

Poor babies. They hate it when their own tactics are used against them.