Soros Matters Tries "Journalism"

George Soros poo-flinger Eric Boehlert tries his hand at “journalism” with ‘FOX NEWS INSIDER: “Stuff Is Just Made Up”‘. Boehlert claims he’s been talking to an anonymous former Fox News employee about how the cable channel does not do the news, strictly being some kind of “Republicans-only club”. There is no indication of when this supposed employee worked at FNC, whether the supposed employee was male or female, where in FNC the supposed employee worked, none of that. The anonymous source wished to remain anonymous to avoid some possible contractual fallout if identified:

It’s worth noting that Fox News employees, either current or former, rarely speak to the press, even anonymously. And it’s even rarer for Fox News sources to bad mouth Murdoch’s channel. That’s partly because of strict non-disclosure agreements that most exiting employees sign and which forbid them from discussing their former employer.

One obvious possibility is Boehlert could be making the whole thing up. It isn’t unusual for lefty Democrats in the media (*cough* Dan Rather *cough*) to fabricate stories out of whole cloth to harm Republican politicians they don’t want elected. But let’s assume for a moment that it’s true. I’ll address those who could potentially be Boehlert’s “source”.

Boehlert links to a couple of other Soros Matters pieces that “prove” FNC slants the news. The first one discussed a memo sent by FNC’s managing editor Bill Sammon stating that journalists would use the phrase “government option” instead of the more well-known and Orwellian “newspeak” phrase “public option”. Every other “news” organization, the Democrat media, were following Democratic Party dictates by calling it the “public option”, even though “government option” is a more appropriate description of what Democrats were pushing for. The second piece of “evidence” had to do with an email sent by Sammon regarding FNC reporting of climate change. I thoroughly and briefly fisked that piece already; please read it at your pleasure. In both cases, Soros Matters ironically accuses FNC of being journalists while the rest of the Democrat media is promoting Democratic Party talking points.

Back to Boehlert’s current bit of fecal matter. Boehlert goes through a litany of tales given to him by his source. I have no way to verify or disprove them since I don’t work for FNC or know anyone who does. So it’s just the typical “yellow journalism” the “scribes” at Soros Matters get paid for. What’s missing, of course, is that FNC has plenty of non-conservatives on its payroll as journalists, hosts, and contributors; Shep Smith, Jerry Rivers (Geraldo Rivera), Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, and more. FNC’s BMOC Bill O’Reilly is known not to be all that conservative (I usually get a laugh when I tell people I’m so far to the right it makes O’Reilly seem like a Stalinist). While it’s obvious some are there to be liberal foils for conservative opinion host Sean Hannity, or to provide the liberal side of things when debating a conservative on The O’Reilly Factor, there’s no doubt neither Smith or Rivera portray themselves as conservatives, and it shows.

Much like lefty judges and Justices unconstitutionally writing laws and/or making up rights that don’t exist in the Constitution, Democrats in the state media are known to make up stories to hurt Republicans and conservatives. I saw it for years, that’s why I stopped watching network TV news. After 9/11, I started watching FNC and that is the only news channel I do watch, when I watch it (I don’t make it a point to religiously watch the channel). It’s very possible, and could be likely, that Boehlert is using an imaginary “source” for his piece. But it’s possible the anonymous source is a real person. If so, the source could be one of the following: 1) a real former employee; 2) a plant; or 3) a fake.

The real former employee could either be some unknown who didn’t last long there, or was passed over for promotion for whatever reason. Or it could be someone well known; the most recent FNC figure to have left is Major Garrett. I suppose it’s possible Garrett is Boehlert’s source. But even when Garrett was at FNC, he built up a respectable reputation as a journalist. If it’s true (and I wouldn’t believe Boehlert would lie about this) that FNC requires its journalists to sign non-disclosure agreements, it would be doubtful Garrett would throw away his good reputation by reneging on them and speak to a lowlife like Boehlert. It could be some other former employee like Kiran Chetry; she was there at approximately the time frame Boehlert discusses. I don’t know enough about Chetry to think why it could be or couldn’t be her.

Boehlert’s source could be a plant, someone who was placed at FNC at some capacity (even janitor) and then conspired with Boehlert to talk about FNC.

Or, Boehlert’s source is a real person, but was never an FNC employee. Now it’s possible a lot of scenarios could come into play. The source could be feeding Boehlert a load of bull without Boehlert actually verifying what he’s being told. Or it could be that either Boehlert or the powers-that-be at Soros Matters hired the source to make all kinds of claims.

I doubt we’ll ever know. I’d be very surprised if Boehlert actually names his “source”. Remember a few years ago when some lefty stooge at Truthout.org spent years telling people he had an anonymous source saying Karl Rove was going to be indicted for Rove’s role in the Plame non-scandal? I don’t remember the Truthout guy’s name, but the jerk never did give up the name of his source, probably for one or more the reasons I stated above (like the “source” was non-existent).

I just think it’s fun to blow up stories by known liars. Eric Boehlert and Soros Matters have a career making claims that Fox News is not a news channel and is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, while we all know Boehlert apishly does the bidding of his masters George Soros and the Democratic Party. We also know the Democrat media will go so far as to make things up to harm their enemies.